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my top tier business - mttb

My Top Tier Business, One of the Best Online Business Opportunities

"I am not into get-rich-quick schemes that have been proliferating as online business opportunities. Never been a sucker for taking the easy route to success. This is solely because of the tendency of these online business opportunities to give false hopes to people trying their luck to make it big in the online world..." …

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mttb - my top tier business

Online Business Opportunities, Choose Wisely!

Modernization has impressed on us the need to be successful financially. Hence, many of us are compelled to look for online business opportunities through which we can earn a large income that can provide for our needs and wants. Since numerous professions hardly make people millionaires, many people resort to business ventures. However, many forms…

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mttb - online business opportunities

How Fast Will YOU Make Money With MTTB?

There’s only one question asked first when people hear about MTTB and that’s : Don’t get me wrong it’s a great question. That only means you have confidence in this system. Don’t think I don’t know it. People’s major concern about investing online is how long before I can get profit from it? You must…

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mttb - my top tier business - legit home business

How Hard is It To Succeed in My Top Tier Business?

The reason why you’re reading this now is that you want to know if My Top Tier Business is not too good to be true. You came to the right place, my friend. Here you will find a lot of information about MTTB that will tell you why this tool has been creating a buzz…

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Keyword Research & Copywriting Tips

keyword research

First Golden Rule on Keyword Research: Relevance

I am a Market Samurai disciple. I’ve been raving about it for the longest time and I haven’t really gotten down to an in-depth discussion of its four golden rules on keyword research with you. Comprehensive as it is, I have finally decided to break it into four separate parts comprising a series. Earlier this [...]

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Second Golden Rule on Keyword Research: Traffic

Second Golden Rule on Keyword Research: Traffic

In my previous post I talked about the first golden rule in keyword research which is finding relevant keywords for your niche. Now armed with relevant keywords, we are now proceeding to the second golden rule: Finding High Traffic Keywords   The only time you actually welcome high traffic is if you generate it because [...]

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keyword research competion

Third Golden Rule on Keyword Research: Competition

This is the third part of a four-part series on the golden rules on keyword research. To recap, we learned that relevant keywords and high traffic keywords are important in searching for that ultimate keyword or keyword phrase that holds the key to targeted marketing. In the first two golden rules, it was just all [...]

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keyword research commercial keywords

Fourth Golden Rule on Keyword Research: Commerciality

This post concludes the four-part series on the golden rules in keyword research. In the previous posts, we’ve learned that in addition to having relevant and high traffic keywords, one of the best things to do in keyword research is also assessing your keyword competition. Just want to reemphasize my Survivor-inspired coined phrase, “Outpage, Outlist, [...]

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use long tail keywords for your internet business

2 Benefits of Long-Tail Keywords

What to write? That’s the first dilemma. Of all the many things to write about, narrowing it down to a specific topic can really give you a headache. The Internet is just full of words! Lots and lots of it! If I decide on a topic, it’s not enough to think of just one word [...]

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Effective web content writing tips

5 Tips On How You Can Show Off Effective Web Content Writing On Your Site

Does your website content suck? Does your traffic report tell you that most visitors don’t often stay long on your website? Make sure your website shows off effective web content writing with these 5 tips: 1. Grab your reader’s attention by the title. Readers want to know what they're reading about from the second they [...]

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Writing Catchy Newsletters

5 Tips For Writing Catchy Newsletters

I’ve subscribed to great newsletters over the past few years and today I look back on the reasons why I decided to subscribe to them in the first place. There has to be some secret formula for writing catchy newsletters, right? Let’s see what made me decide to want to receive these newsletters: Was it [...]

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Writing an effective sales copy

Writing Effective Sales Copy: 4 Tips To Really Sell Online

I googled “writing effective sales copy” today and got 5,590,000 results! Realizing that most tips mostly just elaborate on the basics, I decided that for today’s post, I’ll share 4 great tips on writing an effective sales copy that I learned from the Copywriter’s Guild Course. It’s a great course, and while these tips are [...]

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10 tips to write catchy blogheadlines

10 Brilliant Ideas To Write Blog Headlines That Make People Click- Part 1

Things are getting exciting in the blog world! Just as I was about to conclude my article on headlines, I came across another gem of an advice from Ben Settle in his Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets course (which is Module 3 of  The MLM Traffic Formule 2.0 Course) in coming up with explosive blog headlines. [...]

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10 tips to writy catchy blog headlines

10 Brilliant Ideas To Write Blog Headlines That Make People Click- Part 2

This is the second Buy Cheapest Viagra Canadian DrugStore part of the two-part series on writing explosive blog headlines. In my previous article, I started with the first five suggested ways to writing explosive blog headlines based on Ben Settle’s Million Dollar Copywriting course. To Continue, Here Are Five More Ways: #6. Contrast A compare [...]

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