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Empowered Online Entrepreneurs is a smart place where online entrepeneurs can find top online businesses opportunities and tips to build their online business.

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Empowered Online Entrepreneurs was created by Elmar Sandyck.
Up until now, Elmar remains its webmaster. His story could be your story.

How It All Began

It all started way back in October 2007.

Having worked for 12 years as a free agent in the publicity industry, Elmar was at his prime, he was confident with the things he knew best, and he enjoyed doing it.

But, at some point in his career, he took a step back and asked himself: “Is this what I’m going to do for the rest of my life or am I going to try new things?” He really liked his job especially interacting with people, delivering good products/services to his clients, on top of the fact that he makes a good living with it.

However, Elmar felt his life was at a dead-end. He noted two things lacking:
(1) Enthusiasm. Everything has become rote and stale. He didn’t learn new things anymore and he felt he wasn’t growing as a person.
(2) Time. Inasmuch as he loved his work, he was always missing quality time with his wife and children.

He thought long and hard about these things that he began searching online for new business ideas that would allow him to have his zest for life back as well as spending more time with his family. He knew he liked dealing with people and marketing so he zeroed-in on that particular niche: online marketing.

The Struggle

“Online marketing seems simple and some “gurus” try to make you believe EVERYBODY can do this fast and easily, but I quickly came to the conclusion this couldn’t be further from the truth.” – Elmar Sandyck before Empowered Online Entrepreneurs

Venturing into online marketing wasn’t a walk in the park. It was a struggle especially for a newbie like Elmar. Just like any novice, he struggled. And struggle he did for two long years!

Pretty soon, it was obvious to Elmar that what he declared was only partially true. Yes, everybody can do online marketing BUT not that fast and definitely not that easy.

The realization dawned on him that when going into online marketing, one must first begin with the right mindset: the mindset to go on, the mindset to not quit!

The Empowerment

“As long as you have the drive to constantly learn new things and as long as you find good mentors who really want to help you and who are honest with you, you will make it.” – Elmar Sandyck, Empowered Online Entrepreneur

For a number of extremely talented people, an online business can probably be set up easily and fast, even without a mentor. But not so for the majority of people trying their luck in online marketing. After the struggle and the realization, Elmar has finally grasped how online marketing really works. He knew now what he didn’t know then that you have to invest in time and effort to learn new things. And, with confidence, he knows for sure that 99% OF PEOPLE GET LOST WITHOUT A GOOD MENTOR and will not make any money without the proper guidance.

Empowered Online Entrepreneurs…Now

That’s what Empowered Online Entrepreneurs is all about.

With this site, Elmar wants to reach out to other people embarking on the same maiden journey and guide them through all the rocky and smooth-sailing trips along the way by sharing with them what he has learned about online marketing.

You will find more in the resource parts (Online Business Opportunities) of this site and also in the different blogposts.

The Empowered Online Entrepreneur

Looking back, Elmar is really happy that he made the right life-changing decision. The time and money he invested to acquire the necessary skill set to market online were all worth it! He is fascinated by the many transformations in his life both as a person and by how much he learned in only a span of a few years.

By making that initial investment, he completely metamorphosed from a struggling newbie, not to a guru, but to a simple guy who completely understands how one could get lost in the world of online marketing. Through his help and guidance, Elmar will show you how online marketing works as his way of sharing with you how to achieve that sense of personal freedom that only an online business can give you.

Be Empowered!

You have come this far to hear Elmar’s story. Let us hear yours.


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