Blog headlinesThings are getting exciting in the blog world!

Just as I was about to conclude my article on headlines, I came across another gem of an advice from Ben Settle in his Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets course (which is Module 3 of  The MLM Traffic Formule 2.0 Course) in coming up with explosive blog headlines.

As there are several ways to skin a cat, there are also a number of ways you can make your blog headlines so compelling to make your readers want to stop, take notice, and read some more.

Caveat:Always make sure that before you start anything totally new, sensational, out of your comfort zone, or website just so totally uncharacteristic of you, that your online business followers will not be turned off from such fun, zany, and offbeat headlines for your blog!

Read On And You’ll Know What I Mean.

Please note that this is the first part of a two-part series.

==> All sample headlines were lifted from Ben Settle’s course unless otherwise indicated.

#1. The Shock Effect

A few bloggers can get away with these titles:

Taming the SEO Hell Bitch
Copywriting Boob Jobs

Without a doubt, this could really get anyone’s attention! Before taking on this shocking route, however, be sure that this is something that your followers would welcome gladly. This may open the floodgates to negative feedback or criticism; so unless you are prepared for it, you may want to skip this.

#2. Curiosity

Remember the saying curiosity killed the cat? Who could forget Pandora opening a box that she should never have opened in the first place? I guess there’s truth to the statement that almost every one of us, even cats, is inherently curious. Appeal to that inquiring and wondering side of your target market to get them to notice your blog headline. Here are examples:

Marketing Gurus I Avoid
What Never To Test In Your Ads

#3. Straight Benefit

A tried-and-testeMlm Traffic Formula 2.0d way of really enticing your online business followers is really posit a straight benefit that they could get from your reading your article. Your headline should already embody something rewarding that makes it worth their while. This usually appeals to the no-nonsense type of followers. Examples are:

How To Be Taken Seriously
10 Ways to Monetize Twitter
The Secret to Getting Unlimited Clients

#4. Bizarre Blog Post Headlines

This one I am particularly interested in using! I think this gives us the chance to be very creative in choosing the right words and phrases from the bizarre, mysterious, and unknown world and translate it into our online business world.

Phantom-Pooping Prospects
The Curse of the Marketing Monsters
Bigfoot’s Sales Tips

#5. Play on Popular Quotes/Phrases

If all else fails in coming up with an explosive blog headline, this is a good way of getting things started. Its familiarity can actually draw people into it. Just be careful that you just don’t copy the quote or phrase verbatim but also add some zing to it or something truly all your own.

Lazy Copywriters Have Skinny Kids
It’s the Market, Stupid!
Who Let the Dawgs Out?

Say It; Don’t Spray It, On Twitter

There are five more ways to writing explosive blog headlines! Don’t forget to check back for the second part of this two-part series!

What’s Your Strategy In Coming Up With Blog Headlines?

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Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

12 thoughts on “10 Brilliant Ideas To Write Blog Headlines That Make People Click- Part 1

  1. Hi Elmar!

    This is so much fun. I like #5 though! Playing with popular quotes or phrases is actually not that easy as it looks. Mixing old with new is always a challenge.

    Can’t wait for 5 more! I’ll be sure to check back on this.


  2. Hi Ilka,

    Yes, Ben Settle’s headlines are extremely good.
    When I was watching Ben’s Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets Video I was wondering where he found all these great ideas.
    The headlines he writes are irresistable, you just HAVE to click on them. They are “Click Proof” 😉

    Part 2 is coming soon Ilka!

    Enjoy your Sunday!


  3. Hi Paul,

    When you are uncertain about using a certain technique it’s better not to use it and use a technique you are familiar with.

    Thanks for leaving a comment.


  4. Hi Nicole,

    You hit the nail on the head!
    Headlines are extremely important, but it’s a knife that cuts both ways…! If your headline is great and your content does not deliver…then you lose credibility.

    Thanks for this great comment!


  5. I have always found writing the headline to be one of the most annoying things. I am never sure what to write. Do I try to make it promise as much as possible or keep it more to the point? Thanks for the tips. They should help out.

  6. Hi Tony,

    I completely understand what you mean! Writing good headlines is not easy!
    You must get the readers attention, but you also have to make sure that your content delivers what your headline promises…!

    I’m glad this post helped you out!



  7. Titles like ” Taming the SEO Hell Bitch ” and ” Copywriting Boob Jobs ” can be tricky. But you can’t please everybody. For sure it would perk up one’s attention but not all. And you have to gamble on that.

  8. Hi Faustino,

    Great you like my blog!

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