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Last time we talked about effective sales copies and it got me thinking about how important copywriting is in EVERYTHING!

Whether it’s content for your website, for your sales page, brochure or Google ads, great copywriting helps you build a trusting relationship with your target audience. In order to build a trusting relationship, it’s vital that you make your target audience feel comfortable, right? Well, effective writing quickly sets your prospects at ease. With great copy, you show them that you are someone that they can trust, and you create could potentially be rewarded with repeat sales for years to come!

So I thought, why don’t we go back to why copywriting is really important?

Here’s a suggestion: before you write anything, I think it would be great to look into these 4 points from copywriter Ben Settle in the Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets Course:

1.  Copywriting CAN close the deal.
Never underestimate the power of words to impress your prospect. Words can awe, inspire and get people to take action, so applying all those writing rules you’ve learned can really get you the attention you deserve – and help you close the deal!

2.  Copywriting is salesmanship multiplied.
Just one great piece of sales copy and you get to talk to A LOT of people all at once! Imagine what those words can do to influence, persuade and move people to action!

3.  Copywriting is about the 40/40/20/ rule.
Ben Settle says that 40% is talking to the right people, another 40% is presenting the offer well, and 20% is about your actual words or writing. These things can make or break sales!

4.  Great copywriting CAN multiply sales exponentially.

You don’t have to be a super copywriter to know this — applying all the tips and techniques in effective online writing can translate to higher chances of multiplying your sales! Need I say more?

After reading this, I hope you are reminded of why copywriting is one of your most critical business skills to brush up on. See how quickly you can start turning our blogs, ads and sales letters into our personal sales machines!

What do you think makes copywriting such an important skill? Do you think it’s most useful only to online marketing?

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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

10 thoughts on “4 Powerful Reasons To Sharpen Those Copywriting Skills

  1. Hi Elmar,

    You’re talking about one of my mentors! Ben is so down to earth and gives amazing tips that we’re hard pressed to find anywhere else.

    Another place good copy comes into play is in video. No, don’t read a script, but by thinking of the points and using good copy techniques to drive them home, it can make a more powerful video. 😉

    Great stuff!


  2. Hi Ilka,

    Thanks! 🙂

    Indeed, learning copywriting takes time and effort!

    I didn’t know you weren’t a native English speaker Ilka, your English is just very good! It’s clear you’ve spent multiple hours in Ben Settle’s company 😉
    What’s your first language? Personally I’m not a native English speaker either, my native language is Dutch.

    Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


  3. Hi Suzanna,

    I agree completely!

    Ben is a mentor out of the thousands! I first heard his teachings in Traffic Formula 2.0 (module 3)
    His way of teaching and explaining is just extraordinary!

    Thanks for your valuable comment!


  4. Hi Oliver,

    You’re completely right! Copywriting skills need to be learned over time and a good mentor like Ben Settle, John Carlton, Clayton Makepeace, or another great copywriter is crucial! Personally I think copywriting is one of the most important but also one of the most difficult skills to master! What do you think?

    Thanks for your valuable comment Oliver!

    Take care,


  5. Sometimes words are all we have (especially on the blogosophere where we can’t convey body language or tone of voice, unless we make a video).

    As a big of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I have recognize the motivating power of words for awhile now.

    Good article!

  6. Guten Tag Ilka,

    Wie geht es Ihnen? 🙂

    That’s in my best German Ilka, but to be honest…it’s nearly all I know in German and I even don’t know if it’s completely right… (and yes… you’re right… even Jenever doesn’t help…)
    German and Dutch are very close indeed, a lot of words are very similar. Personally I think German is a bit more difficult because of the 4 name drops.

    I saw on your blog you live in Colorado now, that’s a whole difference. You like it there? Was it easy to make that change?

    Talk soon,


  7. Hi Ilka,

    Thanks for the compliment! Maybe I’ll start a blog in German one day! 🙂

    I can imagin that altough it is beautiful where you live, that it still is not like home, but the most important is that you like it there and that you feel good.

    Thanks for the mini private conversation we had here…



  8. I agree with your post absolutely and I am now interested in reading some more of your posts on your blog and see what you have to say. Do you mind if I tweet your blog post out to my followers on twitter? I think they would also enjoy the blog post. Thanks.

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