writing-articlesWhen I think of doing a first 5 of anything

I am thinking of a basketball line-up with its formidable players fronting the line. The coach almost always chooses the best representation from the different team players – forward (power and small), center, point guard, and shooting guard – to jumpstart the team to victory.

Of course, the first 5 varies from play to play and you just have to rely on the coach’s foresight or wisdom by not questioning his decision in how he chooses the players to match up with the opposing team. Everybody assumes that he really knows what he is doing after having studied every move of the other team.

Which brings me to the first 5 good reasons to start writing articles.

We have established last week that there are 15 good reasons to start writing articles and as I am eagerly awaiting for your comments to add to the list, let me just rundown on the first 5.

1st Good Reason: Increase Your EZine Subscriber Rate

It’s the simple rule of physics, actually. An increase in stimulus automatically creates a corresponding increase in reaction. The moment you publish more articles in Ezines and websites, more readers are going to have access to your articles.

2nd Good Reason: Encourage Free Publicity

The determining factor here is: opt-in. You don’t want free publicity anywhere; you should aim for free publicity in the right sites.

3rd Good Reason: Improve Search Engine Ranking

It goes without saying that articles help in optimization in search engine rankings. The key is coming up with valuable content that will rank your articles as useful information.

4th Good Reason: Keyword Enrich Your Articles

I’ve written a good number of articles that emphasize the importance of targeted keywords in articles so you might want to check it out here. The operative word here is “targeted.” Use targeted keywords for your targeted audience and they’ll definitely find your article.

5th Good Reason: Soft-Sell Your Products and Services

Soft-selling is indirectly leading your prospects to you without being too blatant about it. Give them something of value first (your articles) and direct them subtly to your website through the articles resource box where they could opt-in to be part of your email list.

And there are more good reasons to start writing your articles in my next post.

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Elmar Sandyck

Elmar Sandyck

8 thoughts on “The First 5 Good Reasons To Start Writing Articles

  1. thanks elmar, Im glad that you really eagerly awaits for our comments, actually I like your example in top of the page, that you start thinking of a basketball, really I undertand what is the implication on how to deal like a basketball team players I’m glad that you come up with that kind of thinking. That’s why you have a 5 things how to start writing an article, like a first five in the bastketball team..

    really good writer..

  2. Oh yes! I can vouch for #5. We shouldn’t underestimate the power of that tiny article resource box. It has given me great leads because the prospectsinterest was prodded by something that they really found useful and of value after reading my article.

  3. Hi Jayne,

    Writer’s block is something that most writers do experience a few times and it really is annoying if it lasts for days or even months!!! I’m really glad you’re now back on track with your writing and I’m looking forward to see new posts in your blog 🙂

    I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me with words of encouragement (and may i say, interest!). 🙂

    Thanks and enjoy the rest of the week!

    Take care,

  4. Hi Elmar,

    Like Jayne I used to write a lot of articles but I have not been writing as many of late. Reading through your list encourages me to get back to it, so thank you.

    Another good reason for starting to write articles is that the more one does it, the better one gets at it! 🙂


  5. Hi Oliver,

    I think it really does make sense to still do article marketing :). When creating articles we should perhaps look beyond boosting rankings and instead focus on informing the readers about your company’s branding. Having a high quality content has a greater chance of being republished, shared or someone may link back to it. The end results will still be more traffic to your site and plus points in search engine.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Take care,

  6. Hi Ilka,

    Well, we all go through writer’s block at one point or another. Sometimes, all we need is just a little time to relax and recharge a bit :). Hoping for your writer’s block to be gone soon so you can do a different kind of “bam” – hitting us with a smashing article!!! Looking forward to it!

    Take care,

  7. It’s my pleasure sharing it with you! Well, we do encounter situations where we couldn’t be so sure where to start. I’m glad this post has helped you in choosing the topics for your article.

    Take care,

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