attention-getting-headlinesIf a headline has caught your attention and enticed you to read some more

Then it has served its purpose.

A headline is the first thing that a reader sees when skimming over voluminous written pieces all over the Internet. In the same vein that landing pages give us that first impression, a truly effective and powerful headline is the crowning glory. It embodies, in such a capsulated form, all there is to know about the article you are about to read.
An underlying question in writing attention-getting headlines, though, is:

Should Headlines Be Keyword-Optimized for Search Engines Like Google?

This is one of the many interesting questions that noted copywriter Ben Settle answered in the Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets Course.

What’s In A Keyword?

Just like Ben Settle, I am really not into keyword optimization per se, more so for headlines. As we all know, search engines are all about keywords. If you don’t happen to have the right and relevant keywords, search engines aren’t likely to find you. This is a harsh reality in the Google era but who’s to say that it’s the summumbonum?

I do think, however, that it’s still fair to say that keywords still play an important part in making our headlines be “seen.” But extra care should be taken in placing it in the proper perspective without really making the headline so saturated with the intended keywords that obviously makes it a fodder for search engine crawlers! And this is truly the gem of an advice from Ben Settle that we should take heart when writing attention-getting headlines: first and foremost

We Should Write For Our Readers Using Our Natural Language And Not Just Write For Google.

For Whom The Keywords Toll

Sad but true, but most headlines or even articles are just laden with the right keywords or is keyword-rich solely for search engine optimization efforts. Sometimes, content and substance takes a backseat for this. Regrettably, this is not an ideal thing to do because you lose sight of your “raison d’etre”: that is, your flair for writing and the process of communicating something of value to your readers.

The Next Time You Write Attention-Getting Headlines For Your Articles, Think About This:
To Whom Are You Writing It For?

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Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

6 thoughts on “The Key To Attention-Getting Headlines

  1. Hi Ilka,

    You’re right, its sometimes a challenge to use your keyword in the title AND to write a compelling title as well!
    Sometimes it’s very easy, sometimes it’s very hard.
    In some cases, when I see that I can’t fit the keyword in the title without losing the quality of my title, I prefer not to use it.
    It’s less good for my search engine rankings, but I prefer to write for the reader.

    Thanks for stopping by and for your comment Ilka!



  2. Hi Elmar,

    I couldn’t agree with you and Ilka more. Most bloggers beat around the bush and rehash keywords over and over again in one article. You then realize that it’s not really loaded with material that could help you. It’s just there for you to discover but once you do, it’s just useless.

    I just hope that bloggers really write something of value to their readers and not just for the search engines.

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