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The Second 5 Good Reasons To Start Writing Articles

writing articlesThere are 15 good reasons to start writing articles and we have covered the first 5 good reasons in my last post.

Onwards to numbers 6 until 10!


6th Good Reason: Attract Free Publicity

Your article could be just the start of something great! Imagine being approached by a number of interested authors who might want to use your article for their own purposes. That’s what could possibly happen if they like it that much and finds it of value.

7th Good Reason: Provide Useful Content to Thousands

I believe there are already millions on the Internet everyday, scouring for valuable information. As of last count, there are around 20 million + Facebook users and around 5 million + Twitter followers. If that’s any indication, then there are literally millions logging on in the Internet. If you’re one of those providing useful content, you are likely to be unearthed and discovered soon enough.

8th Good Reason: Transform Your Articles Into Saleable e-Book

The more articles that you write, the easier for you to compile a collection that will eventually form part of your very own e-Book! We all love freebies and free and easily downloadable e-Books are a good come on to have more opt-in subscribers to your list. Just one of the good reasons to start writing articles, indeed!

9th Good Reason: Provide a Sample of Your Expertise

When you write an article and provide useful information, you are putting forth an air of expertise in your niche as a go-to person. You end up being looked up as a valuable resource person and they are more than likely to follow you.

10th Good Reason: Build Creditability

People dealing with other people online aren’t really easily trusting. They could at first be skeptical and unsure whether or not they should proceed especially if you’re trying to sell them something. Usually, it would take not once or twice but around 5-7 times of exposure to you and what you offer or represent that will eventually prod them to trust you enough to purchase something from you.


Our last set of good reasons to start writing articles in my next post!

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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck

Elmar Sandyck


  1. kinsewick says:

    Great! I am following this post from start to finish. Can’t wait for the conclusion in your next post.

  2. I think the 11th Good Reason is that you hire a professional writer for your website articles! lol

  3. Marcus Baker says:

    Hi Elmar,

    I like all of these but particularly #8. It makes sense to to turn what you have already written into an E-book which can be marketed.

    Looking forward to the last five!


  4. Hi Elmar,

    Another great set of reasons! I’ll have to look into #8. That sounds like a real winner, although I’ll probably give it away. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Have a great week!


  5. admin says:

    Hi Ilka,

    I agree, it’s all about sharing ideas with readers after all :) .

    Thanks for dropping by and you have a great week, too!

    Take care,

  6. admin says:

    Hi Marcus,

    Definitely, it’s something that any online marketer should try! =).

    Take care,

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