Time Management TipsHow do you manage your time when you work online and how would you decide where to put in your time and where not to?

Maybe this is one of the biggest challenges to an up and coming online marketer, and I think experiencing that feeling is very normal.

Time is definitely an online marketer’s most important asset, add up the fact that once lost, it cannot be replaced. Money is also vital, but the difference between time and money is that money can always be gained back whereas time will be perpetually gone.

So once you lose time, you definitely cannot get it back later. That is the only reason why each and every one of us who wants to succeed in online marketing must not waste time.

Below are some Timeless Time Management Tips and Techniques you can try to save you some of the hours and minutes you waste everyday:

#1. Get out of your bed in the morning! Maybe this sounds like a silly piece of advice, but you should be surprised by how many people who start “working” at home (and are their own boss now) don’t get out of their bed in the morning at a reasonable time.

#2. Create for yourself a “To Do list” for the next day, every night BEFORE you take your sleep and remember to follow that list the following day. By doing this your mind is up to speed from the first minute you wake up. Organizing yourself this way will save yourself a tremendous amount of time.

#3. Do the most important things FIRST. Getting them settled before mid day can really get things going for you. Learn that the most urgent things are not always the most important things to do. Stop losing your time on details. Often I see people focussing on details, thinking it will move them forward. I don’t mean details aren’t important, but focus on the most important things first.

#4. Know when you work best. Knowing whether you’re a morning or a night person would allow you to choose your working schedule. Since you are your own boss now you can decide how you schedule your work.

#5. Open your e-mails only at certain moment each day. Checking your emails intermittently will definitely gain you some extra minutes. You would be surprised to know how much time you will save by following this simple time-saving tip among the many time management tips and techniques.

#6. Explain to your loved ones, your spouse, children, relatives, neighbours, friends that you WORK at home and aren’t just hanging around. It was a bitter bit of a challenge for me for quite some time. People came often around to have a chat, or just a drink. Sure, the visits were fun but it just made me feel bad later on because I wasn’t able to finish my work for that day.

#7. Only visit the social sites at pre-defined moments a day (an hour after the workload’s finished would be great). Visiting social sites early in the day would make you lose valuable time. Plainly because you would be so busy checking out other people’s socials rather than starting your work for the day. Believe me, I’ve been through this way back when I was still starting up.

#8. Be your own hardest boss you’ve ever had! Being strict and a constant disciplinarian to yourself on all aspects of the work will definitely get you a nice nifty income raise (of course, from yourself, the boss! 🙂 and will save you a lot of time.

#9. Give yourself time off! People who work till they drop don’t often last in this business. It will do you good to remember to take a breather every once in a while, burning yourself up will definitely do you no good. This might be the golden rule among all other time management tips and techniques.

#10. Last but not least, GET STARTED! As they say, taking the first step is always the hard part. Of course. This is because this is the part where you are still “green” and have so much hang-ups that it makes you lag. Losing those hindering thoughts and attitudes from yourself will surely get you started and ready for any time management tips and techniques.

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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck

Elmar Sandyck

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