how to stop procrastination

Starting a business has been in your mind since God knows when. You pretty much have it clear in your memory, the kind of business you’re going to set up and all the steps you are taking from the get go.

By the looks of it, it seems like you are more than ready to start your business but still you haven’t.

So what’s keeping you from it?

Only one thing, your procrastination! YOU DON’T MAKE A DECISION!!

If there’s one thing that hampers your fast sprint to success, it’s that “I’ll Do It Tomorrow-Attitude”

Since I want to help people get rid of this nasty habit before it leads to sloth, I’m sharing with you some time-tested ways on how to stop procrastination.

Here you go:

  • Refocus again and again and again on your goals

One thing that makes anyone successful is to have goals. But these goals are nothing when you don’t focus your energy and give your all to achieve them. It needs you to have tunnel focus, take your goals to heart at all cost.

Just like what they say, “You tell the universe what you want and all the cosmic forces of the universe will connive to make it come true.” That’s true no matter how rough the road appears to be, a race driver always has the heart to go for it. So go and be a race driver if you have to, just to reach your goals.

  • Set goals that don’t require superhuman strength to achieve in a time frame

Deadlines are more than just dates. Remember the last time you forgot to pay your electricity bill, you rushed to the cashier fuming mad because you can’t watch your favorite football game if you won’t. That’s the same story for your business. If you are to finish off your sales inventory, do it in a time frame that makes it doable. And most of all … DO IT!

  • A wise man makes a to-do list every day. Be smart and wise to follow it

It’s so easy to forget about small things yet these are more often the most significant. So if you don’t want to hire a personal assistant, make a to-do list daily and you’ll realize the wonders this can bring.

A very useful tip I can give you is this : make your to do list for the next day BEFORE you go to bed. This way, when you wake up, you know immediately what to start with. This little tip alone will provide you with extra productive time, each and every day again, time your competition hasn’t learned to get! Isn’t it a great tip about how to stop procrastination?

I still remember a friend whose child’s life was saved because she had written down the prescribed medicine her doctor gave her for an alternative treatment to asthma on a little note. That friend used to be a non-believer of organization until then.

So you see, big things can happen from small lists. So make one daily; that’s one thing you should about how to stop procrastination.

  • Seize the day—Carpe Diem!

This doesn’t apply just to opportunities but to small errands you are challenged to take on each day. Have you ever thought what could have happened if you always set for tomorrow all things you should have done today? Well, I’m pretty sure the answer is nothing and you end up nothing as well.

Tomorrow you have new things to face so make yourself ready each day.

  • Reward yourself when you did not procrastinate!

Nobody can give you the best drive to work or to walk an extra mile but yourself. It’s simple. Just aim for a diamond pendant when you reach your profit goal for the month. In the same way, you’re not allowed to dine out or go out on a date if you don’t.

Let’s bet together that if you won’t be able to follow this you’ll feel so bad you think you’re the worst disciplined.

You think it’s difficult to follow through? Think again. It’s all in the attitude and that attitude starts from a well-formed habit. So now you can see straight into your competitor’s eyes cause you know how to stop procrastination.

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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck

Elmar Sandyck

7 thoughts on “5 Great Tips On How To Stop Procrastination and Start Making Decisions

  1. I wonder if anyone has the easiest way of applying these pointers to their life… reading them doesn’t make me not procrastinate… I mostly always get a chance to procrastinate (which is not good for me)… thanks for these pointers by the way 😀 great post…

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  3. Indeed Steve, just reading this list won’t make you not to procrastinate anymore, applying it will. Like you say it, when you want you always get a chance to procrastinate. These pointers are a guideline. Up to you to use them or not. Thanks for stopping by! Elmar

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