Hello my friend!

I hope you are having a great day and that you are taking Massive Focused Action! 🙂

Ok that I start this post with some questions?


A Clear Goal - Massive Focused Action - Perseverance


Here they are…

  • How many years are you working online already?
  • Are you achieving the results you want, the results you dream about?
  • Do you really know what your goal is?
  • Do you take action to achieve your goals… or not?
  • If you take action, do you take massive focused action?
  • Are you persistent in your action taking?

Why all these questions?

I’ll explain…
When I started my online business many many years ago I thought it would be super easy… but I must admit… I failed big way during the first couple of years.

I started with a big dream, but without a clear goal, without a clear action plan, I took some action but I didn’t take massive focused action… and I must admit… I was not persistent enough in my action taking! 🙁

It’s not a drama to go through all this for a couple of weeks, months or years, but eventually when you want to move on in your life and business you gotta get some results isn’t it…. ?

Take a look at the famous and well known image above from the 2 treasure hunters!

Both have a dream, both did not achieve any results yet (they didn’t find their treasure yet), both take action.

The lowest treasure seeker takes action but his dream isn’t big enough, he’s depressed and he stops a few inches before achieving his goal/his dream! While the top treasure seeker takes Massive Focused Action, you can see the determination on his face! He is focused, he has a clear goal before his eyes, he’s persistent, he takes massive focused action, he’s unstoppable and he WILL achieve his goal!

That’s what you need in your business! 🙂

  • A Clear Goal
  • Take Massive Focused Action
  • Be Persisent

How about you?

Let me know if you need some help with building your online business!

I’m here to help!

To your success,

Elmar & Else - Empowered Online Entrepreneurs

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