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If you are building your online MLM business internationally like Elmar and I do

– we are actually neighbours: he in Belgium and myself from Germany – then you will have made different experiences with different people from different countries.

Interesting enough that there are many similarities as well.

Building your MLM business internationally is easy thanks to the internet and social media networks like Facebook, YouTube and blogs if you are open minded and have the courage speak English.

I don’t say “if you speak English” because it doesn’t matter how good it actually is. Your courage will decide whether you apply it or not.

I ran into people who spoke it nearly fluently and said that they were not good enough.

Lack of Courage or An Excuse, or Both?

I say it’s insane not to build internationally if you have the courage to speak English.

You are already online anyway.

If you do so, you will learn so much about people and so incredibly fast, fantastic. I recently called a lady from New Jersey who downloaded the ebook “Success in 10 steps”.

Over and above this free ebook, we – that means Mentoring For Free which I am a part of – offer free generic MLM training, a huge archive and 10 free live training calls every week. Everybody who attends these free live training calls learns the skills to succeed in building an MLM business. No affiliate links included, a sanctuary of learning and mentoring. Not for you if you want to make money with a system. So far, so good.

While this particular lady was surprised that I called her, she was polite. However, I felt her distrust and she asked:”Why do you offer all that for free ? There must be a hook or something.

She went on:”You have to know, I am from New Jersey and people from New Jersey don’t trust anybody.

Wow, isn’t that interesting ? I don’t know if you know people from New Jersey. I do. And they’re amazing folks. That’s why I am sure that this particular lady didn’t talk about her fellow New Jersey citizens. She was talking about herself.

If someone asks:”Why is that for free ?” they’re simply telling you that they wouldn’t do it for free. That is not of your making, as Jim Rohn would say. So people like this lady belong to the portion of the seeds planted by you that is stolen by the birds. It’s not of your making. Let them go and don’t chase the birds because you would have
to leave the field for that.

I can tell that US citizens usually don’t have problems to accept free help. In fact, that’s what they were looking for when they downloaded the ebook. That’s entirely different in Europe, especially in Germany: 5 out of 10 people struggle
with the idea of paying it forward and working for the universe
. That’s why they’re struggling in their businesses, but they don’t know it and they don’t want to know it.

It’s easier to say:”My English is not good enough.” (There’s a German translation of this ebook available, and it has been translated in many other languages, for example French)

Remember, There Are Always Two Reasons:

One That Sounds Good and The True One.


The fact that US citizens like free stuff was explained to me by a lady from the US as follows:”Of course they don’t have any problems with free stuff because they’re greedy and don’t want to pay for stuff. You know, that’s due to the bad economy.”

Aha, isn’t that interesting ?

However, I wouldn’t say that it is greedy to accept free help if it is offered without agenda and the other person is completely free to decide. Remember, don’t chase the birds. If you are closing someone, you are chasing birds.

I am grateful for my international team with people from the US, Canada, Australia/New Zealand and Europe – only possible thanks to the internet and online marketing. They’re amazing folks – and all of them were looking for free help,
accepted it gratefully from me and now offer the same free help to other marketers worldwide.

One thing they don’t do: Chasing birds and closing people who don’t trust themselves.

What Are Your Experiences With Building Internationally,
Do You Build Internationally ?
Why, Why not ?

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12 thoughts on “Building An MLM Business Online Internationally: Experiences

  1. Hi Nazam & Oliver,

    Indeed, as Oliver says, we should not limit our business for a particular reason. One of the biggest advantages of working online is the fact that we can work internationally!

    I agree with Oliver about your English Nazam : “The most important thing is that we are understood by our readers”. Maybe your English is not perfect (neither is mine), but you have the courage to write in English and that’s great!

    Thanks for leaving a comment!


  2. Thank you for sharing this post Elmar. 🙂

    Hey Oliver,

    I like your point that she wasn’t necessarily speaking of her neighbors as much as she was speaking of herself.

    It’s funny how people assume that everyone is like them. They cannot fathom the idea that others have their own opinions, feelings and thoughts. We need not go with the flow, and it’s okay to be different. Help is actually a great thing to seek and accept.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


  3. Interesting post Oliver, and nice to see you here!

    I agree with Ilka. Not to be looking to build your business beyond a single country is to be limited.

    It’s interesting to see how people from different cultures communicate and approach different things though. However I agree that the woman you spoke to was projecting her own mistrust on her neighbors, not describing them as they are!

    Lines like ‘My English isn’t good enough’ are generally excuses – as you say there are always two reasons – the true one and the one that sounds good. Being able to listen to yourself and others and identify which is which is a very important skill to develop.

    Thanks for sharing this Oliver, and thanks for hosting Elmer – great to have a multinational conversation here!


  4. Hey Oliver,

    Right on the topic. My fellow internet marketer and I were chatting about this last night.

    People can become very suspicious when you offer something for free. They always question free offers, assuming that there is a catch. Does the situation change when you put a price tag? No!

    So, there is point chasing such people and feeling worried about the whole thing. Move on and find people who are genuinely looking for solutions – free or not.

    Yes, I am building an international team. My opportunity is global, so I take advantage of that 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your insights, Oliver.

    All the best,

  5. Hi Oliver,

    Congratulations on guest posting here!

    Without a doubt I think building an international team makes life interesting and provides more learning experiences for all of us.

    I particularly applaud non English speakers like yourself for taking this on.

    I am sure there aren’t too many English speakers trying to market in non English speaking countries so well done for walking the talk when it comes to leadership.


  6. Hey Oliver,

    Very Interesting guest post here.

    You’ve shared a very important point about language. I don’t think speaking English language is a hard thing.

    Building an international team is awesome idea. Really great post man.

    Thanks for sharing.


  7. Guten Tag Oliver,

    I agree with your comments and those of Ilka. Anybody who would not look to levarage the huge international potential of the internet are most definitely limiting themselves.

    English is the business language of the world and if you are a in a position to converse with people than you certainly have a great chance of building a succesful international business.

    Every Success,
    James debono

  8. Hi Janet

    I’m really grateful to have Oliver to be my first-ever guest blogger! He truly has wonderful insights to share.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Take care,

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