goal setting - setting goalsTechnology is great. In fact, I can’t imagine anyone not taking advantage of it!

But after all these years I’ve realized I still do like pen and paper. Whether it’s writing my To Dos or listing down my goals, there’s still nothing like using this old fashioned method!

2 Reasons Why It Works

  1. For one thing, I remember things better when I write them down by hand.
    I find it especially effective for goal setting, since I feel that the words sink deeper in my brain.
  2. Here’s another reason why I love pen and paper: I make better decisions using this method because I must think hard about each item I write down. It feels as if the words flow from my brain, to my hands, to paper.

While the same process seems to happen to me when I’m typing away at my computer, there’s the possibility that everything can be erased! And what about the iPhone that has a world of apps? (I mention this because a friend recently bought one and wouldn’t stop talking about it.) The productivity apps are amazing: timers, to do lists, calendars, etc. that we could all use to track, measure and schedule our time.

Still, I stick to my statement earlier: goal setting is more effective with the use of pen and paper.

And so today, even though I use some cool tools and apps for To Dos and goal setting, I still do it the old fashioned way. At some point I also tried Gmail Tasks, which I thought was a really cool task tool. I could add emails to my task list, which really uncluttered my inbox, but to get to my task list, I had to go to Gmail. And, that means that when I’m not online, I have no access to my tasks!

So you see, when you put pen to paper you turn your thoughts into something tangible. You can actually see it, touch it, and hey, even smell it if you want to! Goal setting becomes more exciting, and it’s easier to make the plans needed to reach your goals if you have something in writing.

How do you keep track of your goals and daily tasks? Do you still use pen and paper? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share or bookmark! Thank you!

To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck

Elmar Sandyck

7 thoughts on “Effective Goal Setting With Pen And Paper

  1. Hi Elmar, It’s funny, just as I was opening your blog to check it out I had the urge to put some order in my life. I always used to use a pen and paper todo list – ticking the boxes, clearing the decks. I also used to set goals using pen and paper. Nowadays I have them posted up on my desk having created them using the computer. But whichever way we do it, setting goals is an absolute necessity. For if we do not have a plan, we are planning to fail.
    So thank you for your post. Loved it.

    Best wishes


  2. Hi Peter,

    Nice to see you here!

    I’m glad to hear you say you too use pen and paper to set goals! Strange isn’t it, we have all that technology available and are making use of it at this very moment, but we still prefer pen and paper to set goals! Must be something in our mind that makes it work better that way!

    Thanks for your valuable comment and for stopping by.


  3. Hi Ilka,

    “Guten Tag” 🙂 and glad to see you back here! Hope you are fine!

    I have completely the same thing myself, I still use an ‘old-fashioned’ calendar to plan my work and set my goals.
    At the same moment I’m blogging, using an autoresponder and article submission software and also learning the newest SEO techniques,… BUT I’m swearing to pen and paper to set goals…!

    Steven shared a very interesting link from an article about how handwriting is key to learning, you see it above. It’s an interesting read about this subject Ilka.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


  4. Hi Ricardo,

    I do completely agree with you! Just using an ol’ fashioned legal pad works great!
    We need the combination of both, old fashioned ways + also the most sophisticated!

    Thanks for stopping by.


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