road to successNo Traffic Lights?

Have you ever been to Viet Nam? Or ever seen video of Vietnamese traffic?

If not, when you have a free moment, click over to YouTube and watch this
short video.

But be careful, if you’re not used to it, what you see might send you into
a spell of road rage right at your desk.

No traffic lights. Yet, somehow, the drivers of Vietnam manage to just
“go with the flow”…each driver swerving where he or she wants to go,
cutting through oncoming traffic, the intersection looking like one giant,
tangled, exceedingly dangerous mess to Western eyes.

What Does this Have to Do with Your Road to Success?

Well, unlike the drivers in Ho Chi Minh, you need traffic lights.
You’re not going to achieve your dreams of financial independence
by “going with the flow” and hoping you eventually get there.

That never works.

You need guidance from experts who have achieved what you want to achieve. You need to follow the path blazed by others so you don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. You only need a straight road to success.

You need clear instructions about when to step on the gas and when to pump the breaks.

Otherwise you’re headed for a 13-car pile up.

Without step-by-step directions, it’s soooo easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of online marketing.

Which is why MTTB is so refreshing. No rabbit holes. No tangeants. No “drinking from the firehose” of endless information.

No. Just 21 simple, day-by-day, steps. Each step takes about 30 minutes.
All it takes is drive and ambition. Do you have drive and ambition?

If you’ve got that, Matt Lloyd and MTTB can supply all the “traffic lights”
you need to steer you to success. Just a straight road to success!

As always, let me know if I can help!

Talk later,

4 thoughts on “Has Your Road to Success Looked Like This? (Video)

  1. This was a fun blog post and as I was reading it I realized that my road to success has just as many turns and twists as the one in your picture there but I also have a lot of stop signs and brick walls at the end of my roads so I haven’t reach success yet. I’m sure that there are many uturns to consider as well but going forward is what I want.

  2. Hi Larry,

    I guess that most people’s road to success is like the one on this picture!
    Mine is too, I must admit!
    The online mindset we need is the one your describe in your comment!
    We need to go forward.

    Thanks for dropping by.


  3. Elmar,

    Wait, where are the U-turn signs and the Stop signs or Dead ends because I have ran into a lot of those along the way and I have still not reached success level.

    I am tired of running in circles as well but I don’t know where to turn next, maybe this will help me a little to figure that out.

    Keep posting this stuff please because it is helpful.

    Talk soon,

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