Ilka FloodUndeniably the internet can be tough for networkers who are trying to build their MLM business online.

Especially newcomers, at first encouraged by the seemingly endless supply of prospects, may quickly get intimidated and quite discouraged by the “dog-eat-dog” environment of the online world. With stiff competition and new opportunities that seem to be popping up everywhere on a daily basis one wonders, how is it possible to survive out there and build a successful MLM business online?

Well, It IS Possible If You Develop A Survival Attitude!

Let me illustrate this with a story I read recently about Dexter Yager, the master dream builder and the man who probably build the largest network marketing organization in the world.

As the story goes….

When he was in sixth grade, Dexter got the idea to buy soda pop for 5 cents a bottle and then turn around re-selling it for 10 cents a bottle to construction workers who worked in his neighborhood. He used the ice from his mother’s refrigerator to keep the sodas cold and since there were no vending machines close by and the workers couldn’t leave their jobs to go to the store, he sold a lot of soda pops and business was booming. Soon he earned more than many adults.

But, since competition never sleeps, some business men heard about Dexter’s success and wanted a piece of the pie. They moved in with their own drinks and ice. Of course they were much bigger than Dexter and if Dexter wanted to keep his business, he needed to fight. Which he did.

He hired some kids to help him and together they worked harder than ever. They offered more drink for the price. Had a better selection and more flavors and on hot summer days, they made sure they’d never run out of ice to keep the drinks cold.

Dexter and his friends did win the war. Their competition left. For them it was just another business, but for Dexter it was a dream come true.

How Much Do You Want It?

So yes, there’s a lot of competition online and some of them are much bigger than you are. So how much do you want it? How much do you want to survive building your MLM business online?

What Was It Again That Dexter Did?

Well, to begin with he identified his target market – Construction workers who’d get thirsty but couldn’t leave their jobs. Then as the competition moved in, he…

#1. Hired more kids to help him and worked harder – “Team work makes the dream work
#2. Offered more drinks for the price
#3. Had a bigger selection
#4. Made sure that they’d never run out of ice, especially on hot summer days.
#5. He never lost sight of his dream!

So, you see, it all starts with identifying the target market for your MLM business online. The more you zero in the less competition you have to fear.

To further eliminate competition ask yourself these questions…

  • What is my Unique Selling Proposition?
  • How can I stand out from the crowd and be different?
  • How can I add more value?

Marketing your MLM business online doesn’t have to be intimidating when you know what to do and how to crush the competition.

Be Different, Develop A Survival Attitude And Never Let Go Of Your Dream!

To Your Success!

Ilka Flood
The Enlightened Networker

13 thoughts on “How to Crush Your Competition and Survive Marketing Your MLM Business Online

  1. Hi Oliver,

    Loved the way you put it, as far as will we allow our personality to shine. We absolutely have the power within us to be unique, stand out from the crowd.

    When I got my degree in Graphic Design my art teacher once told me…”There is no original thought. Almost everything has been done before. It is up to you to make it unique.”

    I believe if we do that, there is no competition.

    I just love what Dexter did. Here’s that little boy with the help of his friends outdoing the giants. Awesome!

    Thanks for your valuable input, Oliver!


  2. Hi Ilka,

    The pleasure is totaly on my side! I’m very happy you accepted it!
    The blogpost you’ve written is just extremely good.

    Also the fact that you’ve written a post about a person (Dexter Yager) I’ve seen multiple times on meetings is awesome.

    I’m glad to see there are already a lot of comments to you post Ilka! People like the post a lot!

    Have a great week!


  3. Hi Oliver,

    I like the way you say it because you hit the nail on the head : ”For them it was just another business, but for Dexter it was a dream come true.”

    Also the fact that cometition is something that takes place in our heads is very true, I never looked at it this way but you are right!

    It’s great to see the “German Power” on my blog!

    Thanks for your awesome comment Oliver!


  4. Hi Ilka,

    Indeed, Dexter is a legend! Actually it was quite impressive for me to see him in real…
    Back in 1996 – 1999, I had listened to so many tapes from him, it was unbelievable. It was nearly the only thing is listened to.
    Then to see him live the first time in 1999 after I had heard him so many times on tape was awesome.
    It’s unbelievable how this man can talk & motivate, and how he can build up energy in people, I had never seen that before.
    He made a huge impression on me!

    Thanks for your awesome post Ilka! 🙂


  5. Hi Ilka,

    Great Story. The idea that the bigger fish came to eat the small fish didn’t stop Dexter Yager to fight for this business. He could have failed but he gave a try. I read one thing on a poster when I was a kid. It was David fighting the giant Goliath and the poster said.

    “No Defeat is Final until you stop trying.”

    And Dexter is a legend in this industry and has given lot of value to people who follow him.

    Thanks for the post.

  6. Hi again Lali,

    Oh, I love that …“No Defeat is Final until you stop trying.”

    Absolutely! Sometimes we don’t realize the power within us until we are put up to the test.

    Thank you for your great comment!


  7. Hi Ilka,

    Congratulations on your great guest post here 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Dexter’s amazing story… Yes, he knew exactly how to build a successful network marketing business and we can all learn from him.

    If you want ton you crush your competition you must know your target market and who your competitors are and what they are doing.

    Then offer the best and do things differently.

    Thanks for sharing your insights, Ilka.

    All the best,

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