what it takes to be a hero

Do you see yourself as a hero?
And, do you believe yourself to be a hero?

The answer to these questions may just surprise you as you unveil the hero inside of you.
Ilka Flood of The Enlightened Networker, a very good friend and one of my greatest supporters, has recently reciprocated my invitation to her to do a guest blog here by likewise extending to me the greatest opportunity to address her followers and readers through a guest posting. And, my, what a challenge it was!

I admit I had some apprehensions because she already has a formidable following but I was at the same time so excited because I would have a new forum to air some of my thoughts.

And the first thing that came to my mind while thinking about the best topic to discuss is abouttapping the hero in us.

Largely inspired by Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey,” I felt that an inspiring outline of how we can make a difference in our lives as well as other people’s lives could generate a good sharing of positive feedback and opinions. Sometimes I feel that we really underestimate the power to do something good in all of us because we are just held back by an unbelieving self.

If We Only Start Believing That We Can, Then We Can!


So, dear readers and followers do join me in this hero’s journey by reading my guest blog over at The Enlightened Networker’s website entitled, “How To Tap The MLM Hero In You.

The Enlightened Networkers’ followers gave some great comments! Hope to read what you think of it, too!

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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

3 thoughts on “How To Tap The MLM Hero In You

  1. Hi Ilka!

    Oh, I couldn’t have done it without your amazing support! Your kindness and generosity in sharing your space with me was more than enough. The great comments from your followers was the icing on the cake! I loved every minute of my time doing the guest post and commenting. Could be habit-forming! hahaha

    Thanks again, Ilka!

    Much appreciated and wishing you all the best as well!


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