proper training in businessThere are some people wanting to enter a new business,

an entrepreneur, that doesn’t really think much about what he’s venturing into:

He doesn’t read up on the industry he wants to foray in, he doesn’t do research, he doesn’t make a feasibility study, he doesn’t get advice from people in the business, and he doesn’t believe in equipping himself with the proper training in business.

He Does Have One Thing, Though:
Belief In One’s Self.



Belief in one’s self is a good start, actually. It’s one of the most difficult traits to have. Not everyone is self-confident and sure of himself and what he really wants. Belief in one’s self or one’s faith that he could do it and make it big really ranks high in terms of a person’s capacity to withstand adversity.

But, do you think that’s enough?

Let’s even put in patience, determination, and perseverance, or, even lots of money in the equation.

Do You Honestly Think
That This Could Make You
Successful In Business?



It depends, actually.

For someone who’s really a whiz or a genius, perhaps, belief in one’s self may be all that he needs. But for most of us, especially if you’re the type of person who had to give up a lot of things from your previous work and had to start from scratch to jumpstart a business, you just wouldn’t leave it all to chance, would you?

  • Yes, you need to risk but it has to be a calculated one.
  • Yes, you need to jump into the water but you have to know how deep it is first.
  • You need to know and you need to be informed.
  • You need to learn.

Like a new student taking up an entirely new course, you need proper training in business.

And it’s never too late to acknowledge the fact that you need help. Despite all your good intentions, good motives, and good predisposition, you should enter your new business prepared and ready to face the daily battles head on.

Learning and undergoing training is your weapon in this battleground that is business. You don’t lose anything and you gain everything.

Remember that in the end, ignorance is more expensive than a good and proper training in business.

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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

7 thoughts on “Is Ignorance In Business Bliss?

  1. Hi Elmar! It hit me to the core because I was really like this when I started out. Eventually, I had to stop and give up because I was stumped and didn’t know how to proceed. Now, I’m starting over again. Ignorance was my life story.

  2. Having confidence and believing in yourself are both very important, but it’s also important to be realistic. You have to put in the time to do research on what type of business you’re getting yourself into and should know something about how to run a business so you don’t get in trouble come tax time or get in legal trouble. By by believing in yourself, you feel strongly that you can learn these things and be successful. It’s a combination of belief and preparation that works best.

  3. Hi Elmar…

    I’d say belief in oneself is critical to success. But a true entrepreneur does his due diligence too.

    Jumping in with faith in your own ability alone is merely opportunity seeking. Strategic entrepreneurship involves a deliberate, calculated approach, accompanied by appropriate preparation and planning…

    You’re right – the correct tools and training will be far cheaper than ignorance in the long run! Education is not an expense.

  4. Hi,

    A lot of us are blinded with too much self-confidence when it comes to venturing into a new business that we ignore expert help from others. We all learn from our past mistakes, though, and it’s something that we should be thankful for! (That’s additional knowledge gained, which makes us less ignorant).

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Take care,

  5. Hi Jym,

    Definitely, our belief should be coupled with calculated actions that’s why there are a lot of trainings or workshops available that we could have for our own advantage. Come to think of it, training materials are really something worth investing =).

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Take care,

  6. Hi Janet

    Well, what more can I say? You nailed it with your personal insight that can only come from a tried-and-tested experience. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and for enhancing the points that I have outlined in this post. 🙂

    Take care,

  7. Hi Jane,

    I couldn’t agree more :). Being ambitious is a bad thing if we are not acknowledging the “reality” behind it. In everything, planning/strategizing should always be done.

    Thanks for the comment!


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