I chatEaster weekend reflectionted with my niece back in the US and in her animated 4-year old voice she told me that they had an Easter egg-hunting in school.

She managed to hunt some bunnies that hold Easter egg chocolates. I was so happy to hear her tale when her smile suddenly left her face and told me with furrowed eyebrows that she was “tiny.” I asked her what does it have to do with Easter egg-hunting? “A lot,” she said, “because I couldn’t reach it!” (referring to the bunnies). I nervously laughed but over the weekend this got me thinking – the first of my Easter weekend reflections – how tiny we feel sometimes.


Tiny Means Very Small; Minute;
Diminutive; Little; Teeny.


I could’ve just laughed about my niece’s predicament and dismissed it offhand but maybe it’s because I am already “big” that I couldn’t relate to being “tiny” anymore. For a moment there, I closed my eyes and imagined myself being surrounded by taller and bigger people and all of us trying to reach for something above.



I could picture myself scared that I might be crushed from the weight of the people bigger than me and I thought I could barely thrust out my hand so high up it might just get smacked. Then, while the rest got most of the Easter egg chocolates I am left with perhaps just one because it accidentally fell on the floor from the commotion and I happen to be tiny enough to have just picked it up. And I understood what my niece felt.

Funny how a simple tale of “tini-ness” could spur an Easter weekend reflection.

We do feel tiny sometimes. Insignificant. Not a stand-out. Hampered by a limitation. Remember my post on Overcoming Limiting Beliefs? I had to get back to it and refresh my memory about going past beyond our limitations.

Even If We Are Literally Tiny, We Could
Actually Become Big If We Only
Believe In What We Can Do.


Easter heralds a new beginning. Let us welcome it with a renewed fervor to feeling big despite being tiny.

What was your Easter weekend reflection?

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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck

Elmar Sandyck

2 thoughts on “My Easter Weekend Reflection

  1. Hi Elmar! Funny you should mention about an Easter weekend reflection. I don’t believe I had one but now I can’t help but think about it. Thanks for the insights!

  2. Hi Elmar! Happy Easter! That was quite a story you shared with us. Your niece must be so adorable! Well, I just found out that my wife is pregnant over the weekend and I realized that from then on, my priorities would have to be very different.

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