internet marketersIf we don’t really make too much fuss about life in general,

we’d realize that it’s just like a walk in the park. Most choices are given to us only two at a time anyway and all we have to do is choose.

It’s either this or that.

Yes or no.

Black or white.

Proceed or stop.

With them or against them.

Love it or hate it.

Take it or leave it.

Like us or not.

They get it or they don’t.

There are no gray areas; no in-betweens; no compromise.

This brings me back to that time in July 2009 when I first met Mike Dillard, Tim Erway, Justin Christianson, Craig Allen, and other top internet marketers and team members of Mike Dillard like David Schwind, Aaron and Sophia Rashkin, Eduard Martinez, Nathalie Stahl, among others, in Austin, Texas, USA.

It was a meeting about “Magnetic Sponsoring” and Mike Dillard started talking about “The Coffee House Letter,” a breakthrough account of his view and experience as a failed network marketer, as well as the view of other similarly-situated marketers, on the current state of the MLM industry.

I can still clearly remember what he said on that day:

As a marketer, you have to bring a clear message and you should not be afraid of pissing people off (which does NOT mean you have to be rude or impolite; that’s something else), but you have to deliver a crystal clear message! As a matter of fact, you have to divide people into two groups. Some will like what you say and some will absolutely hate it.

To which Tim Erway responded:

“If you are a marketer and you are not pissing people off, you probably are just too boring.

You Can Not Try To Please Everybody, Otherwise, You Will End Up Pleasing Nobody.

These words left a mark and made a large impact in how I think even until today.

I don’t even attempt to please anyone. To me, that’s an exercise in futility because I know I can never please everybody. Adults as we are, and internet marketers at that, we are more or less, already set in our ways and our thinking. It would really be hard to dissuade us into thinking differently unless we first engage in a lengthy discussion of merits and demerits of a particular topic. And we just can’t flip sides at the flick of a finger just to go with the flow.

It’s not in our nature.
We take sides.
We give opinions
We stand our ground.
And with this,
We piss people off sometimes.

But, then, that sets us apart from other types of businessmen. We are involved in a trade that banks on honesty as a most-prized virtue and if that means telling it like it is, then we do it.

Honesty is Our Only Policy As Internet Marketers.


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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

2 thoughts on “Pleasing Everybody Means Pleasing Nobody

  1. The real successful marketers in my opinion are the ones who can deliver a product that really helps someone, and not have to beg them to buy/use it. If it’s honest enough, the product will sell itself.

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