Stop Being Good Enough, Be Great!

Did you read the title of this post?

I read it several months ago somewhere online or somewhere in a magazine, and honestly… IT HIT ME RIGHT IN THE FACE!

I’ve always had the desire to be great, even when I was a child, but sometimes, now as a grown-up I had thoughts in my mind telling me : “Hey Elmar, don’t be silly, that’s good enough man…” and worst of all, sometimes I believed those thoughts.

I’m really ashamed to admit that, cause this attitude really doesn’t helps us at all and it destroys our future…

Sorry if the rest of this post is very straight forward, but I really believe that this saying (the title) can help a bunch of people a lot. I don’t want to offend anyone, and honestly I partly wrote this post for myself, cause me too, sometimes I have this “That’s Good Enough Attitude”

Many Of Us In Our Professions, In Our Jobs And In Our Businesses Have Mediocre Attitudes.

It is now so rampant in our society that the attitude of just being good enough for something is already adequate. Many people believe that they don’t have to be good. Some think they just have to be lucky enough to qualify for whatever it is they are trying to qualify in.

Nearly no one nowadays seems to be outstanding and exemplary in what they do in every sort of way. And if they are being put under a stressful situation, they just buckle up and surrender then find another thing to be involved in again, carrying that mediocrity with him and the cycle just starts all over again.
The best attitude that can put an end to this useless cycle is a strong entrepreneurial attitude.

Many Of The Worker Drones Of Today Only Have The Consistency Of Their Collective Inconsistency.

Yes, and many of them don’t even know that. Yet, despite their overwhelming mediocrity, some of them will even reach the pinnacle of success, and get to raise themselves up from the rank and file floor to the prestigious level of the powerful executives.

All that is required from them to attain that is just be the best of all the mediocre people around him. Many of us who roam the halls of businesses and governance are no picture of being someone to look up to, that they are all just by the same token of mediocrity.

Here’s what happened to me last week in the supermarket…

A perfect example of mediocre service in society was my last week’s visit to the supermarket where I was looking for fresh onions. When I asked the lady guarding the stall, she just plainly said “we don’t have fresh deliveries of onions yet”. Well, because of my persistence (and my need for fresh onions), I still took the chance to ask the owner of the vegetables stall if they have some. What happened next was a quick one. The owner just went inside the stall and opened a small sack of fresh onions. When I was about to pay for them, I said to the stall lady, “I thought you said you didn’t have fresh onions”. All I got was a blank look and quipped “I didn’t know about it”.

Such a perfect example of mediocrity indeed. An apology would have sufficed, but all I got was a stern defense for her previous response to my request. That is just so incredibly mediocre.

Being contented with the just being “good enough” right now will definitely not lead you to the road to greatness. Each attitude would lead you to more little success. As an example an entrepreneurial attitude can bring you better relationships with people. Opting for improvement and application of the eight attitudes would help you much.

The question now is, how in the world are you going to learn about the entrepreneurial attitude?

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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck

Elmar Sandyck


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3 thoughts on “Stop Being Good Enough, Be Great!

  1. Thank you for this very powerful article. The first time I read your title sent some chills through me. I have been guilty of this once in a while. This is a great eye opener for all those who have been guilty of being one of the many worker drones, myself included.

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