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The Iceberg Ilusion - Success is an Iceberg

Yesterday evening I was thinking about business, online business in particular, and about the success and lifestyle you can achieve with it!

The strange thing is, when you achieve a certain level of success in your business and you really enjoy your “Work-Life Balance” (that’s one of the biggest advantages from an online business when you ask me…!) 🙂 some people tend to become jealeous because they see your lifestyle, they see the fact that you also have time for your family and friends, while building your business, BUT….

What they don’t see (I guess that’s the reason why some people become jealous) are the countless hours you’ve spent behind your little screen, WORKING, STUDYING, SWEATING, TRYING, maybe CRYING sometimes because your business just did not get off the ground. 🙂

That’s what we call “The Iceberg Illusion”!


People only see the tiny little part from the iceberg above the water (Success), but they don’t see the huge part from the iceberg below the water level! (Hard Hork, Persistance, Failure, Sacrifice, Disappointment, Good Habbits, Dedication,…)!

When you achieve success and you experience jealous feelings from friends or family, don’t let it put you down! I guess it’s a normal reaction from people who need to grow a little more!

When you are not achieving success yet, maybe you need to invest a little more in your online business! (Hard Hork, Persistance, Failure, Sacrifice, Disappointment, Good Habbits, Dedication,…)

Anyway, take a look at the image (found it on Instagram on the IG account from @sylviaduckworth – thanks Sylvia) and give me your thoughts!

What’s your idea on this? Did you experience jealous feelings from other people? Do you need to put more energy in your business so you can grow faster?

Let us know in the comments below!

Have a great week!

Elmar 🙂

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