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True, enough, there’s really more to start online business than just being environmentally-friendly although it’s really a good start!

I have scoured the Internet and talked to other people with successful online businesses and these are what they have gladly shared with me.

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“Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Start An Online Business!”

#1. Time Freedom.

“Your time is free
It’s free time, you see!
With an online business Time is free…
and as free as can be!”

This is exactly what makes an online business opportunity more attractive to those people who would like to have more time with their family and friends and most especially time for themselves.

In this day and age where personal freedom and space rings a very familiar bell to each and every one of us, wouldn’t you rather be enjoying more of the things that you are working for rather than being enslaved by work?

Think about it: you are free to choose your work hours.

When you are not subordinate to anyone and have no one to call boss, then your hands are practically free, right?

So when you want to work short on this day, longer on other days, only on mornings on some days, and maybe only at night on other days, you have the freedom to work around your schedule.

You are free!

#2. Location Freedom.

“I work in Malibu, I work in Peru.
Today I work in the beach,
For tomorrow I get hitched!”

Ahh. An online business is NOT bound by location.

Skeptical as I was initially, I have to admit that this is really one of the meritorious attributes of an online business.

Because it is powered by the Internet, you are free to choose your work location anywhere.

You can also manage your business from anywhere in the world.

Just bring your laptop with you and you can enjoy looking at the sunrise and sunset at the best beaches in the world and resume working at your convenience.

Ain’t it grand to have the best office with a view? Sounds good to me.

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#3. Financial Freedom.

“Money, money, money!
That’s why we work ‘til our backs ache!
But money, money, money
Works best for us
While having a break!”

This so-called advantage in an online business is wholly dependent on the type of online business opportunity that you avail of.

A classic example would be a profitable online business that allows you to work with experts in their field that guides and mentors you into making the best business decisions.

Once you have it going for you, your business will work for you in more ways than one rather than you working for the business!

Makes sense? Of course, suffice it to say, you will be earning. A lot.

#4. Time leverage.

“I got time,
You got time,
They got time.
I use mine wisely and happily…
All the time!”

The concept of time yet again! But I can really see it now. Time, in an online business opportunity, really becomes your ally.

You can use time to your advantage because you don’t really work on a per hour basis and it’s up to you to manage your time wisely.

With the proper mindset and time management, you can use up your time productively today so that tomorrow, you are free!

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#5. Constantly evolving.

“I go and I grow
So now I learn and I know!”

I am not really a fan of stagnation so anything that promises to be perpetually dynamic and evolving is welcome.

Learning never ends and more opportunities to learn means more knowledge on how to improve yourself or learn new things to further your business.

But do remember this: too much information can also slow you down. There will many be lures from the best online businesses.

Online business opportunities come and go but stick to the one that can give you lots of avenues for learning.

#6. Environment-friendly.

“No smogulous smoke, no gloppity glop!
The Lorax is one happy chap!”

Needless to say, when you put up an online business, you automatically go green. An online business opportunity presents a no-car and less-paper work environment.

At this day and age, who doesn’t want to contribute to the greening of the environment?

#7. Low start-up and overhead costs.

“All I have is an idea
And an Internet free
Now who’s with me
And totally agree!”

Now I have to agree that this is really true. When you start a traditional business, you have to consider rental fees, manpower costs, and other things to build in order to open a shop.

Not so with an online business. Got a computer and access to the Internet?

That may be just all you need at the initial outset and you are well on your way to having one of the best online businesses.

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#8. Hassle-free transactions.

“No razzle and dazzle,
It’s all free of the hassle!
No hustle and bustle
You’ll have time to whistle!”

This is especially true when an online business offers information products.

There are no storage issues to consider, no shipping matters to deal with.

Everything is shipped online. Payments are done online, too!

#9. Accessibility.

“I’m online, can’t you see, can’t you see?
Click the link, you’ll see me, you’ll see me!”

An online presence in your chosen online business opportunity is also a simple way of letting everyone know about you and your business.

That’s the fastest way they can reach you since it is open 24/7. So, literally, your business never sleeps!

#10. You can easily go global!

“I live in a village,
I live with him and her.
I live with you and another you,
And another him and her!”

Ok, so now I’m a believer, especially when it comes to carving your niche in a global village.

From your home office in the farthest or remotest village (so long as there is Internet, of course!), you can take an online business opportunity into a global market brand with just a click of the mouse.

In the end, it’s how all these so-called advantages can outweigh all the perceived disadvantages, which I know now do not even exist.

I guess by now you understand the reasons why you need to build your online business.

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9 thoughts on “Here Are The Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Build Your Online Network Marketing Business!

  1. Yes indeed, Elmar, an Online Business has so many advantages and benefits. Everyone really should have a ‘Plan B’ because you never know what happens in life. Another benefit of having and Online or Home Business is the great tax advantages.
    P.S. Glad you’re back! 😉

  2. Hi Ilka, glad you’re back too! 😉
    Thank you for stopping by and for leaving this great comment!
    I look forward to your re-activated site shortly.
    Please let me know once it’s back online.
    Have an awesome day!

  3. I have been freelancing as a graphic designer and web developer since the turn of the century. So I am well aware of some of these benefits that come with working for yourself. There is nothing I enjoy more than the freedom I have to make my own hours, but not all is perfect in paradise. You have to have discipline to set your hours and stay focused until you meet your deadlines. If you become complacent, you will lose clients.

  4. These are all viable reasons to get started. My biggest worry about getting started is that I will wind up getting overwhelmed with various tasks, some of which may take time (hours or days) to get past. Although there are a lot of great plugins for blogs and other modules, not everything is totally seamless. Sometimes, you have to take time to figure things out in order to get some script or plugin to work.

  5. I am all for reason #6. I have always believed that one day, society would break the bonds of traditional thinking and accept the concept of working remotely online. The biggest fear that causes resistance to a movement that is inevitable is one that has to do with productivity, or lack thereof. The internet commerce is only going to continue to grow and eventually, the workforce will be comprised primarily of those working remotely.

  6. I have been working in freelance design and development and I’ve also delved into social media marketing. My biggest challenge has always been growing my clientele. I’ve also considered selling content. So I tried setting up an e-commerce store, but the open source templates that exist were either cheaply designed or too difficult to implement. The best e-commerce solution in my opinion is ECWID cart, but it is not free. I just opted-in to get your manual. I’ll let you know what ideas it sparks in me.

  7. Hi Herbert,
    You are completely right!
    Being independant offers a lot of benefits, but you need to discipline yourself!
    Becoming complacent is the worst enemy of each and every entrepreneur!
    Thanks for leaving this awesome comment.

    P.S. I think this article is related to what you wrote in your comment.
    It’s about procrastination =>

  8. That’s right Kevin, these are all viable reasobns to get started building your online business.
    Maybe you’ll be overwhelmed in the beginning. But believe me, it’s worth the effort!
    Thanks for leaving this comment.

  9. Hi Barbara,
    #6 is a big one, that’s right!
    I also believe society WILL break the bonds of traditional thinking and accept the concept of working remotely online.
    Thanks for leaving this awesome comment.
    All the best,

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