Empowered EntrepreneurExactly a year ago, I welcomed the year 2010 with an entrepreneurial mindset and with all hopes of you, my dear readers and followers, to share in the experience. It has been a hundred or so blog posts since then!

This year 2011, I urge all of you to be more than just entrepreneurs but Empowered Entrepreneurs.

May this Empowerment Drive you to Elevate Yourself to a Higher Level;

One Notch Higher; One Step Up the Ladder!

Let this story of the ambitious violet act as your springboard to being an Empowered Entrepreneur.

Inspirational writer Kahlil Gibran tells of a story of a lowly violet who has always wanted to be a tall rose. The violet always wanted to raise her head toward the blue sky, or turn her face to the sun, as the roses do. She was ostracized by a rose who heard her lament and chided her to be fortunate and happy just the way she is – as a violet. Humility, not greed, should her heart harbor.

But the violet’s ambition cannot be contained and pleaded her wishes to Mother Nature and asked to be changed into a tall rose.

For one full hour, the lowly, but ambitious violet, turned into a tall rose, until a tempest came and destroyed all things in its way, save for the lowly violets who live close to the ground and hiding by the wall of the garden.

Alas, the converted violet was among the casualties, to which the queen of the violets hearkened to the other violets about how fortunate everyone was to have been spared because they were contented.

But, with its last breath and undaunted spirit, the dying rose and ex-violet moved with all its strength and uttered these words, and I quote:

“I have never feared the tempest. Yesterday I, too, was satisfied and contented with Life, but Contentment has acted as a barrier between my existence and the tempest of Life, confining me to a sickly and sluggish peace and tranquility of mind.

I could have lived the same life you are living now by clinging with fear to the earth….

I could have waited for winter to shroud me with snow and deliver me to Death, who will surely claim all violets….

I am happy now because I have probed outside my little world into the mystery of the Universe…. something which you have not yet done.

‘Ambition beyond existence is the essential purpose of our being.’

At that moment my spirit revolted and my heart longed for a position higher than my limited existence. I realized that the abyss cannot hear the song of the stars, and at that moment I commenced fighting against my smallness and craving for that which did not belong to me, until my rebelliousness turned into a great power, and my longing into a creating will….

I have lived one hour as a proud rose; I have existed for a time like a queen; I have looked at the Universe from behind the eyes of the rose; I have heard the whisper of the firmament through the ears of the rose and touched the folds of Light’s garment with rose petals. Is there any here who can claim such honor?

I shall die now, for my soul has attained its goal. I have finally extended my knowledge to a world beyond the narrow cavern of my birth. This is the design of Life…. This is the secret of Existence.

So, Are You As Empowered As The Ambitious Violet?

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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

6 thoughts on “What Sets You Apart As An Empowered Entrepreneur?

  1. Hi Elmar,

    To answer your question. Yes I am! 😉

    That was a great story. It is much better to spread your wings and reach for your hearts desire, than to be content to live in the small world fears create.

    Thank you for sharing.


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