commercial keywordsThis post concludes the four-part series on the golden rules in keyword research.

In the previous posts, we’ve learned that in addition to having relevant and high traffic keywords, one of the best things to do in keyword research is also assessing your keyword competition.

Just want to reemphasize my Survivor-inspired coined phrase, “Outpage, Outlist, and Outrank,” which I felt really captured the essence of keyword competition.

Totally devoid of competition this time, the preface to learning the fourth golden rule now boils down to the business side of having good keywords or keyword phrases.

In particular, you ask yourself:

Why do I do all the trouble of coming up with relevant, high traffic, and accessible keywords or keyword phrases?

What’s my purpose?

What’s my goal?

Well, if you’re a businessman, then you want to make business. And to carry on with the business, you want to make money and earn a profit.

Thus, to complete the picture, the last golden rule that seals in the deal in keyword research is:



In business, what keeps you going is commerciality or the measure of the potential profitability of a product or service. And so it is in the field of keywords or keyword phrases. Our aim is to find commercial keywords that will bring in the gold! Your choice of keywords or keyword phrases should propel your online business from zilch to wealth!

The gauge is actually very simple: A high commerciality keyword has the potential to generate a large amount of profits while a low commerciality keyword does just the opposite.

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So, the question is:

Will Your Choice Of Keywords Rake In The Most Profit?

Using Market Samurai, let’s see.

Generating leads for your business through good keyword research is the essence of knowing the fourth golden rule.

Have you ever tried clicking one of those paid online ads in Google? Every time someone clicks on it, the advertiser is actually paying Google an amount of money in exchange for getting a new visitor to the website. Eventually, more advertisers bid for the top spots. This process of bidding gives Google the data in determining what each keyword phrase is actually worth.

This data is now very important in determining what the number one ranked advertiser is paying Google for each visitor who clicks on their Google ad, which is clearly an indication of the keyword or keyword phrase’s commercial value. Welcome to the wonderful world of commercial keywords!

Market Samurai makes you a list of your keywords from high to low value per visitor. Therefore in order to properly assess the commerciality of these phrases, all you have to do is multiply the SEO Traffic value by the Cost Per Click value. Don’t fret about the calculation part, though. Market Samurai does it for you!

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For a complete understanding of how Market Samurai works in this golden rule, it’s best that you view the video. (As I assumed you have also watched the earlier videos as well!)

What Market Samurai eventually does is filter out any keyword phrase that doesn’t have your desired commercial flow. So, have your commercial keywords ready and reap in the profits for your online business!

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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

4 thoughts on “Fourth Golden Rule on Keyword Research: Commerciality

  1. Commerciality is an undervalued idea. On my blogs I can try to compete for keywords such as blogging and affiliate marketing, but it is a complete and utter waste of time. I do not have the ranking or authority necessary to be in the top 100 on the search engine results page. My approach is to use longer phrases that have good search engine action but not top terms. This means I must specialize in long tail keywords. It works. And Market Samurai has helped me to find them. Thanks!

  2. Hi Ilka,

    To be honest, commerciality is a keyword rule on which I didn’t pay much attention before, but it is extremely important!
    There’s no use to be on the number 1 spot for a keyword with no commercial intent…

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Hi Jon,

    You’re right, commerciality is undervalued!
    Your approach to use long tail keywords is very smart, normally they are less competitive. Market Samurai can help you find long tail keywords with a pretty high commercial intent! Those are the keywords we need to go after.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving this comment!


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