Definition of marketingHi Guys, I hope you are doing great today!

Yesterday I was thinking about a great subject to write a post on, namely the similarity between marketing and courting…! Have you ever thought about it this way?

First let me start with a quirky question and story and you’ll see what I mean…

Do you remember those days when you were secretly in love with the girl or guy of your dreams, but he or she didn’t know it yet…? 😉

Think back…, do you remember the butterflies you had in your belly, how excited you were…?

Do you remember the sweet dreams you had?

Sure you do! Hmmm…

What did you do to get his or her attention…? You were pretty creative, weren’t you?

You made yourself look and smell good, you were very friendly, you made compliments and you tried everything to please him or her.

Personally I remember that I listened and observed her very closely to see what she liked to do in the weekends, which food she liked, which music, clothes, kind of movies,… she liked. I tried to find out everything she liked and needed so I could please her…

When we are in love we do these things in one press of a button. We don’t think at all, it’s like an instinct!

There’s no way of asking these questions…: “How can I convince her to like me or how can I sell her on liking me…?” NO, you try to find out what she likes and needs, and by giving this to her you develop a relationship… In other words, you court her!

Maybe this is kind of a weird comparison, but what makes up the definition of marketing is just the same thing.

Read on, I’m going to explain myself :

Marketing is about finding solutions to problems people have and about helping them!
This is really what the definition of marketing is all about…,  finding solutions to people’s problems, finding out what your market likes and needs, and solving their problem by giving value!

BUT, 95% of people who try to market online think the other way around and ask themselves (mostly without being aware of it) questions like these :

– How can I convince people?
– How can I make money?
– How can I sell this or that product or service to people?
– Why aren’t people buying from me and why do they buy from someone else?

How do I know this? Cause I did it myself. I’ve been there for a long time! 🙄

These questions are not going to help you at all.

So instead of having these torturous thoughts, these are the questions you should ask yourself :

– What do the people in my market NEED?
– What do the people in my market LIKE?
– What do the people in my market WANT?
– What is their biggest problem?
– How can I help them to solve that problem?
– What is important to them?

This is the way you need to think as a marketer! NOT the other way around.

Ask yourself these question daily, whatever market you are in.

Study your market. I know, it takes some effort, BUT you will have much more fun and satisfaction, you will grow really great relationships AND you will make more money, cause your actions will be focused on helping other people, NOT on YOU making money! And by doing this you will help others and you will make more money along the way.

Do you see now how courting your girl- or boyfriend is related to that great definition of marketing?

Think about it, it is pretty much the same! You are marketing yourself without even knowing it as you try to make her feel really great about herself.

I want to challenge you to actually do this to your customers. I promise you, it will turn your business around!

I hope this post gives you some ideas to think about AND to act on!

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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck

Elmar Sandyck

14 thoughts on “A True-Blue Marketer Knows How to Be in Love!

  1. Hey Elmar,

    This is a great post!

    Yes, a lot of times when new people get into business they automatically think how can I convince people to get in business with me. It’s important to provide Value first and find out what people wants and needs are. Then you’ll be able to service them properly.

    Great Info!

  2. Hey Josh,

    Thanks for stopping by!
    I found the comparison between marketing and courting very appropriate.
    Maybe by creating this picture more people will understand what marketing is all about :-).

    Talk soon,

  3. We should get in touch. Are you an active user on top social networking sites like Digg, Facebook, or Stumble Upon? If so, what is your username so we can get in touch to share ideas.

  4. Hi Angelle,

    I completely agree with you!

    Perseverance is one of the most important characteristics one should have to succeed in any business.

    Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment!


  5. Perseverance…

    No kidding!!!!

    It is one of the hardest business skill to develop. We live in a McDonalds society and have been trained to “get it now.” And when we don’t or can’t we think it’s our fault. Learning perseverance and having the ability to follow through with the plan is indeed rare.

  6. Hi Michael,

    So true! As technology is advancing, our patience is becoming more less. Most of us would really prefer to take a short cut and get everything right away. Of course the key to success is perseverance, and it’s something that sets the winners apart from the losers.

    Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

    Take care,

  7. Yes, a lot of times when new people get into business they automatically think how can I convince people to get in business with me. It’s important to provide Value first and find out what people wants and needs are.Anyway,very insightful and informative at the same time.Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Anne,

    Very true. In any business, relationships should be valued. Of course part of this is knowing what your customers want and addressing it.

    Thanks for your comment :).

    Take care,

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