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If you did buy network marketing leads before and tried calling them, you know that it can be pretty disappointing to say the least.

With the evolution of internet marketing and the popularity of all the social sites, buying leads has already become a thing of the past.

The idea behind buying network marketing leads is very obvious. You buy information (name, email address) about potential clients that have opted in somewhere to get more information about for example, working from home and so on…

These days, there are a lot of smarter ways of getting leads and buying them is not part of it.

There are a lot of reasons why you should NOT buy network marketing leads.

It is a total waste of your time AND money simply because of the following 3 reasons.

#1. They Have No Idea Who You Are.

Calling a stranger whose name and number you have purchased off of someone else will be, 99% of the time, useless. The people you will call will have no idea why you are calling them and what you are talking about.

#2. Dead-Beat Leads

When a person fills out their contact information online hoping to win some contest for for example, they will be very hard to convince to join in any serious business.

Calling the numbers you have purchases one by one will be a very tedious task – you have to find out for yourself if they are really qualified to join your business, spend long hours over the phone with people who might at the end have no interest in joining your business at all.


#3. You Should Know How To Handle The Conversation

If you are calling strangers over the phone to get them to join your business, make sure that you have the skills good enough to close them right there and then or else you are wasting your time. You should have great persuading skills and you should not lose that person in the middle of the conversation. But if you do not have such skills, you have a problem.

The best resource I have found about to learn this type of skills is Black Belt Recruiting by Mike Dillard and Mark Wieser. Here you learn how to select the people you want to work with… and who not. It is a high level network marketing recruiting course.

The list could go on, but you see, there are a lot of problems that comes along when you buy network marketing leads from others.

The solution is to create your own!

That way, you wouldn’t have to go through all the hassle of manually calling people with minimal assurance of getting them to join you. Quit buying leads and engage in the activity of generating your own.

When you finally decide not to buy network marketing leads and generate lots on your own instead, you will realize that they will be more fun to work with since they will be the ones contacting you and you are assured of their qualifications.

Personally I believe that lead generation is the biggest problem 99% of online network marketers face. I have struggled with it for years!

When you are open to solutions I really want to introduce you to the system that has solved that problem for me. Maybe you have heard from it… maybe not… it is
The 7 Figure Networker System

The moment I started to study and to follow this system I started slowly but steadily generating my own leads. In the beginning only 1 each two days, then 1 per day, 2 per day, 5 per day, and so on…

Once you understand how this system works you’ll generate as many leads you want and you’ll NEVER consider to buy network marketing leads again.

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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck

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  1. Indeed, instead of understanding the concept behind generating their own leads, some would prefers to take the shortcut and buy one instead (which is really not that great in the long run). Great to see you here Kevin and thanks for dropping by!

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