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Did you watch Mike Dillard’s video message announcing the launch of his newest brainchild  “What’s Working Now” on March 29nd?

Well, there is incredible news for all internet marketers like you and me!

I don’t know about you, but my biggest frustration since I started learning how to market online is the INFORMATION OVERLOAD PROBLEM (IOP).

I remember those days, and I still have them regularly, when I really DON’T KNOW WHICH INFORMATION TO STUDY OR EVEN TO READ FIRST.

Mike Dillard Opended The Doors For

The “What’s Workign Now” System!

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What's Working Now

I’m a pretty organized guy, so I make a to-do list every evening with all the tasks I will do the next day. I had days when I had 15-20 points on my list and I really didn’t know which one is the most important and which one I should invest my time in FIRST….

Don’t you feel that sometimes?

It is great to have access to lots of good information, that’s obvious, but too much is too much, we only have 24 hours a day, don’t we?

Actually the problem is NOT ONLY information overload but also the fact that you don’t know which information is valuable and which is not, which is worth investing your time, effort and money in, and which is not…

I found myself dozens of times in a situation where I had invested my well earned $$ into a new “best” product, then I invested hours and days to study it and figure it out, and only ended up concluding that’s it’s just crap with a nice presentation.

Of course the more we know about internet marketing, the faster we can distinguish a good product from a not so reliable one, but certainly in the beginning, when we don’t know anything about online marketing… we get screwed many times… ? And this is not funny cause we lose a lot of valuable time and money!

Now, Imagine for a moment an information product that…..

  • offers you once a month a selection with the best new strategies, techniques, information, training courses WORTH INVESTING YOUR TIME AND EFFORT IN!
  • gives you an overview of the best courses and information products, not only from Mike Dillard and his team, but also from other great industry leaders like Jonathan Budd, Daegan Smith, Mike Klingler, Ann Sieg, etc.
  • gives you the comfort and peace of mind, knowing you can focus ONLY on that information, on those courses, cause you know they are the cream of the crop. (This way you can stop worrying if you should invest in this or that course from another self-proclaimed GURU you don’t know…)

What if such a product existed?

Wouldn’t it be the solution for all internet marketers?

Now that’s exactly the product that Mike Dillard and his team have put together, it’s called What’s Working Now or “WWN”.

What’s Working Now is an information product where people will get monthly information about the ultimate best courses and internet marketing information, strategies, techniques from the last month, and it will ONLY includetechniques, strategies, courses that DO WORK NOW, THAT PRODUCE RESULTS and THAT BRING IN MONEY.

What's Working Now

In other words “What’s Working Now” is a monthly digest of the most important and up-to-date techniques, strategies, information, courses on internet network marketing, streamlined into a complete and compact package, ready to consume!

According to Mike Dillard the information will be the equivalent of approximately 1 day of study work a month (which will of course vary from every person) and it will once and for all eliminate INFORMATION OVERLOAD AND THE BIG DOUBT whether you are investing your time and effort in studying high-end profit-generating strategies or not (which was the number 1 frustration I had for a very long time – “Am I investing my time in the best resources?”)

To be quite honest with you, I don’t know all the details yet about “What’s Working Now” cause “WWN” will still be launched on March 22, but I know for sure when Mike Dillard launches a product, it is always a no-nonsense and the best of its kind.

When you are familiar with other great products from Mike, like Traffic Formula 2.0, Magnetic Sponsoring, and many others, you know what I’m talking about ?

Here’s what you need to do when you want to be the first in line for this product launch…

Fill in your name and email in the boxes below and you’ll receive an email from me… then you can take a look at it yourself and figure out whether this is something you can’t wait to have either.

As for me, I can’t wait for this incredible product, it’s going to be fantastic!

To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck

Elmar Sandyck


Oh yeah, here you can watch Mike’s video message announcing the launch of  “What’s Working Now” on March 29nd.

If you want you can market the product yourself too and maybe, you can drive home with Mike’s brand-new Audi R8!
So buckle up and watch the video through this link…


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