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The word best is very subjective: what may be the best for you may not be the best for me and vice-versa.

So, if you ask me what are the best online businesses, I know that my list will probably be not the same as yours.

But I can still give you what are the best online businesses without really naming names, so to speak.

What I can give you is a set of criteria as to what these best online businesses share in common with one another.

5 Things You Should Know About The Best Online Businesses

1. It’s not really the best.

The first thing that you should know about these so-called best online businesses is that they’re not really the best. But they could be or striving to be the best.

Then, why append the word best, you ask?

Because that’s the best way, pun intended, to market the best online businesses!

A superlative claim really catches attention, right?

Besides, it is a claim so subjective that no one will really argue with you on that point.

But you have to eventually prove that you really are the best, if not one of the best. Catching one’s attention is one thing; sustaining that attention is another thing.

2. It’s honest and sincere.

Notwithstanding the grandstanding of these best online businesses, what really sets them apart is that they’re honest and sincere about their past, their present, and their future.

They admit to their humble beginnings and narrate how they got to their present state and how they want to spread what they have learned to others.

3. It’s relatively easy.

It is actually easy, depending on how you look at it. If it’s too complicated, people will not flock into it.

If too easy, people will not flock into it either! A similar trait of this best online businesses is that they look easy but not that easy that you end up being lazy.

It is workable but very convenient.

4. It’s measurable and manageable.

These best online businesses work with a tried and tested formula and have mastered the processes that all you have to do is jump into the system and they will walk you through it.

These best online businesses know what works and what do not.

5. It sends you forth in freedom.

Ahh. This is the ultimate test and the criterion that really matters.

What these best online businesses have that no other online business has is that it will set you free.

Most of us subscribe to it because of its offer of freedom: freedom to be your own boss, freedom to work at your pace, freedom to spend more time with family and friends while your business works for you.

MOBE License Rights Program: One of the Best Online Businesses Today

Let me segue by giving you a real online business as an example: My Online Business Empire or MOBE License Rights Program.

best online businessesImage credit

MOBE License Rights Program is the brainchild of one of the top online marketers of our time, Matt Lloyd.

Of course, Lloyd claims that the MOBE License Rights Program to be the best program!

He’s also honest and sincere about how he started broke and penniless to the brink of depression, but he also narrates his story of redemption when he finally learned from his mistakes and crafted one of the most ingenious programs online: MOBE License Rights Program!

Yes, MOBE License Rights Program is easy as it lays down all its cards for you on the table. You just have to start with the proper mindset. Once you’re into it, the rest will be a breeze because everything is already in place.

Lastly, MOBE License Rights Program gives you the freedom to work according to what you have envisioned your online business should be: free to work under your own terms.

But there’s more to a MOBE License Rights Program!

If you want to better than the best in this business, you can actually speed your way to more success by being in the right place at the right time with the right people.

The MOBE License Rights Program gives you that opportunity to attend a seminar like no other: the Super Charge Seminar.

Learn More About The MOBE License Rights Program or click on the button below.

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7 thoughts on “Taking On One of the Best Online Businesses: MOBE License Rights Program

  1. Hi Elmar,
    I agree with point number two. There are so many business opportunities that boast outrageously Huge earnings claims, but it is those opportunities that offer realistic earnings claims that should be given serious consideration. I would rather invest my time effort and even money in a slower (or lower), steady venture than one that seems like a get rich quick scheme. When I see numbers that seem too high, I get wary.

  2. Hey Elmar, I have signed up for various newsletters in the past and once I got into a list, I would get a continuous stream of emails with good content. I know each is designed to offer good content and gain the trust of the subscriber. I also know it’s automated. I always wanted to learn how the pros do this and how to set up a newsletter management system that drips content. Please let me know. Pamela

  3. The push button riches’ are the programs that seem to make up most of the opportunities that exist online. I try not to spend any time listening to those presentations cause they tend to follow the same pattern with no realistic explanations.

  4. Hey Pamela, Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment! Great question by the way!

    Technically it’s not hard at all to do. You sign up for an email autoresponder (personally I use Aweber) service and you can start putting in your emails. You can find more about Aweber on this page :

    The real challenge with email marketing is writing good emails, or writing a good email follow up series.

    A guy I personally follow and respect a lot is Ben Settle (, his emails are great and he also has a great program that teaches you email marketing. It’s not cheap, but it’s top quality.

    Another great course to learn email marketing is My Email Marketing Empire (

    When you really want to make it in this business, email marketing is really something you must learn!

    All the best,

  5. Hi Gerald, you are completely right. Don’t waste your time with push button riches online business opportunities. Real businesses take time and work, but when you are active in an honest online business and when you do the work it’s really worth the effort. Best, Elmar

  6. I’ve been offering my production services (web development, graphic design, video editing) through some of the freelance sites such as elance, fiverr, etc., but the orders come so sparingly and when a job does come through, the pay is so low that I’ve been struggling to carve out a decent income. I wonder if this system can be useful for promoting services such as the ones I offer.

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