starting online business - online business opportunitiesIt is no secret that when starting online business, you will literally have your hands full and you won’t really know what to do first!
There are so many things you have to grapple with – there’s the business side of starting online business and then there’s the substance side of starting online business.

The Business Side of Starting Online Business

Of course, when we talk about the business side of starting online business we are referring to numbers – your capital investment, your time put in, your earnings, your expenses, your losses, your satisfied customers, and yes, your disgruntled customers.

The Substance Part of Starting Online Business

Now, comes the substance part. When starting online business, you also have to deal with what you have to offer to your prospects and clients.

In much the same way as you do put in all the time, effort, and money towards starting your online business, these clients of yours also expect that they will get their money’s worth by subscribing to worthwhile content that you offer them in relation to your business.

Can you honestly do all these?



But the more pressing question would be: if you do all of these by yourself, would you still have enough time to be with your family and enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Isn’t it that the very core of starting online business is for you to have more free time and more freedom from work?

The keyword here is focus.

Focus on the things that you are good at and then the rest of the tasks you can actually relegate to other people who are experts in their field. The keyword is outsource.
starting online business - how to outsource

How To Outsource?

Before we even talk about how to outsource, there is already a prevailing boon and a bane to the idea of outsourcing.

While most people in starting online business subscribe to the idea because it lessens their load and gives them more free time with other tasks in their work, some see it as a distraction to their business.

It’s because they still need to handle and manage people on the side, whereas if you do everything on your own, you are your own slave and master.

But when starting online business, not everything is about business per se. The online business world is proliferated by a lot of content because the medium entails it to be so and the challenge is how to get your content across your prospects.

And it gets more challenging because there are certain rules on how you go about sending that content out. There are traffic and search engine rules and regulations that you have to take note of, among other things.

Eventually you’ll feel the insurmountable pressure of having to do all things on your own and you will get drowned in deadlines and unnecessary pressures.

This is where the great idea of how to outsource comes in and you will be glad that you did.

How To Outsource It Right?

How to outsource is one thing; how to outsource it right is a different thing. Knowing the basics in how to outsource is a good start.

You know that you will be employing the help of other people, some you know, some you don’t know. These people will do specific tasks for you to lessen your burden in starting online business.

But knowing how to outsource it right – and I’m referring to how to outsource the right team of writers, programmers, web designers, search engine optimizers, and traffic experts – takes a lot of your time at the beginning because you need to filter and select the best team for your business needs.

And the best tool you can have to effectively carry this out is to learn the secrets of outsourcing as never before shared in public.

Check out this free online workshop on outsourcing and you will find out how it can get your business success up in no time.

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8 thoughts on “Starting Online Business Using the O.P.T. Formula

  1. Aloha Elmar,
    How to effectively and efficiently outsource the technical skills that I lack is one aspect of entrepreneurship that I want to master. So I will opt-in and see what this manual is all about. I’m sure I will learn at least a few nuggets or many more valuable lessons that will help me improve what has so far been failing efforts for me.
    Thanks for this information.

  2. Hey Richard,
    Indeed, outsourcing is very important in every business. I must admit that it is something I struggled with for a long time. I was raised by the idea: “If something needs to be done good, do it yourself!” Maybe this is true in some cases, but on the other hand it limits your business growth a lot! When you want your business to grow you simply need to outsource, there’s not way around!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi Elmar, While a person’s online business is the sum of many parts, each part is directly affected and influenced by the type of products or services being offered. This means that without a solid product line or service, your business faces an uphill battle before it even starts. So there is much merit to what is being taught here. Best, Lee

  4. I’m glad there are cheap sources of skilled technical labor on the internet so that any entrepreneur can outsource certain tasks that they either don’t have the time to execute or because they simply do not have the skill to accomplish. In any case, I trust this manual will clear that up.

  5. Lee, that’s completely right. You can have the best website, the best emails, the best ads, etc…, but if the products you offer are rubbish then you’d better stop your business! It all starts with offering quality products. Thanks for this awesome comment. Elmar

  6. Hi Elmar, I realize that online businesses are different animals than traditional ones. However, I imagine that starting and running an online business shares many of the problems, risks and issue inherent in any business. I think your manual offers some solutions to these types of challenges. Filiberto

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