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It’s overwhelming when you finally decide that you want to start an online business. The ideas and possibilities are endless that you have to wrack your brain to get past all the various choices that are offered to you on a plate!

True to form, it’s just stating the obvious: you will never really run out of ideas when you start an online business. But, there’s this simple philosophy that I have learned from my parents that really works all the time: why fix when it’s not broken?

How To Start An Online Business? Don’t Fix!

Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to start an online business in the first place. It’s just that when you stumble upon a great idea about wanting to start an online business and see that it works well with most people and it has been for a long time, then you have practically found a gold mine!

So, now that I have found the business model that works for me…now what? What do I do next with the great idea to start an online business presented before me?

Fret not! Once you have made the right decision of zeroing in on the business model that works for you, then everything is easy after that and you can go on to start an online business with your first magic weapon: email marketing.

start an online business - email marketing

Fix Your Eyes on Email Marketing

Email marketing? Ugh! I can just imagine seeing you now reading this and making a smirk and heaving a sigh and probably muttering under your breath: “Are you serious?! It sucks!”

It’s alright. I understand where that frustration probably comes from. Email marketing, for all its genuine and stellar purposes especially if you want to start an online business, has been maligned for the longest time because of its improper use as well as abuse by online marketers.

These online marketers who have no care in this world but just firing away emails sent to you without getting your consent and sending you crappy content and material gave email marketing its bad name and reputation.

But just so you know…email marketing is not without redemption.

Lately, when contemplating how to start an online business, it has taken its foothold back as one of the more influential and powerful tools that an online entrepreneur can use to further his online business. How?

Once again, focus on the “fix,” not the “broken.”

start an online business - email marketing

Done-For-You Emails!

For whatever its worth, email marketing is, and remains, an extremely effective marketing tool. For how else can you easily reach your intended target market but through emails? That’s really a good point to begin with and you can really bank on that one when considering to start an online business.

The question then becomes: how to make sure you don’t end up using it improperly and you don’t send crappy content to your intended recipients?

There are many ways you can consider when you start an online business:

(1) be an email marketing expert;
(2) hire a professional copywriter; and,
(3) hook up with Matt Lloyd’s Done-For-You Email Service.

Here’s my two-cents worth of advice especially if you’re a newbie: why even bother with options 1 and 2 when option 3 is obviously the “fix” option?

Everything Is Done For You…Literally!

Matt Lloyd is the genius behind the business model from My Online Business Empire or MOBE. And his genius didn’t end with putting up the business model that has made successful entrepreneurs of a lot of people online. His genius extends to ensuring that you really make it and succeed when you start an online business.

On top of being a part of a great business opportunity, by subscribing to his Done-For-You Email Service, you are opening up to the good side of email marketing.

But don’t take my word for it, check it out and see for yourself.

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  1. I fancy myself a pretty good writer. So I tend to rely upon my talents when it comes to writing sales email content. However, I also recognize that when you are running a business, you will be busy handling a multitude of tasks and you may not have the time to be writing. So therefore I do get the value of a marketing system that includes the templates. You can always modify the templates to fit your particular needs. I think this system is worth trying.

  2. Hi Christy,

    That’s right!
    When you run a business there’s so much to do!
    Certainly when you are starting out, then there’s not only much to do but also much to learn.
    In such a situation it is useful to outsource certain parts of your business.

    This system is worth trying indeed!

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

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