top commentatorsHi site guys! How’s everyone?

I’m already back from dreamland and I really had a great time under the sun! Needless to say, it was well-worth it! Thanks to my holiday well-wishers and congratulations to our top commentators for July!

Janet Callaway

Marcus Baker

Oliver Tausend

As expected, I’m now ready to roll up my sleeves again and get down to business.

For this month of August, I’m most happy to announce again that I am welcoming into the fold of top-calibre guest bloggers like Oliver Tausend, Ilka Flood, and Marcus Baker, a gentleman with something new and exciting to offer the readers and loyal followers of Empowered Online Entrepreneurs!

I felt so compelled to give this young man some space in my blog because I think the product that he represents can really be an advantage to all of us especially those of us who have online marketing ventures. Most of all, I really believe in his program.

Guys, please welcome

Matt Wagner

Owner And Lead Developer Of


A Marketer’s Dream.

That’s how I would encapsulate our guest blogger’s high-end online software system that is truly useful in setting-up a blog network. It allows its users to instantly create and manage dozens or hundreds of domains, and if wanted with WordPress, automatically installs and configures it as desired. It also contains full support for marketing campaigns, link tracking, split tests, comprehensive traffic and sales statistics, and a whole lot more of benefits!

I can’t wait to share what he has in store for us in our next guest post! And, best of all…a surprise awaits all readers and followers of Empowered Online Entrepreneurs!

Well, I did say that I was lining up explosive things upon my return! Nothing beats welcoming the month with a big bang! A great vacation can really do you good.

Do watch out for Matt Wagner’s guest post and stay tuned for that surprise!

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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

3 thoughts on “Back From Dreamland & Starting With A Marketer’s Dream

  1. Hi Elmar,

    Welcome back and great to hear that you had a good time and rest away.

    Thank you too for the mention of being one of your top supporters again. Much appreciated.

    You have certainly come back all fired up and that’s awesome. I look forward to reading Matt Wagener’s guest post soon.

    Take care,


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