guest postFirst, there was Oliver Tausend of


Ask Oliver Tausend and his smashing guest post entitled, “Building An MLM Business Online Internationally: Experiences.

It was such a ground-breaking guest post that elicited a big number of comments even until today. Just goes to show how powerful Oliver is in the industry in which we revolve in.

I will be forever grateful to Oliver for being the first ever guest blogger in Empowered Online Entrepreneur.

Then, there was Ilka Flood of the Enlightened Networker, one whom I consider to be my bestest of online friends. “How To Crush Your Competition And Survive Marketing Your MLM Business Online” was such a formidable guest post that you couldn’t imagine it coming from such an amiable lady!

Ilka is such a nice person, an avid supporter of my site, but she’s really one lady with a good head between her shoulders. I will also be eternally grateful to her for giving me a chance to address her own set of readers and followers by allowing me to do a guest post in her site, “How To Tap The MLM Hero In You.

Now, I Can’t Begin To Tell You

How Happy I Am With

The Prospect Of Having

A Third Guest Post!




My honored guest blogger is no stranger in Empowered Online Entrepreneur. In fact, he’s been one of the site’s most prolific commentators! He earned the third spot in April as one of the Top Commentators and just last month, he got the topmost recognition coming in at number one!

Of course, I’m talking about Marcus Baker!

Marcus Baker is the genius behind Helping You Build Your Network Marketing Internet Business. Whenever I visit his site and read his posts, I am always piqued and intrigued by the questions that he throws to his readers and followers. He has this ability to make you really think and ponder about certain matters that you would often take for granted. And somehow, somewhere, he could really relate these things to how we should be handling ourselves and our online businesses.

I can’t wait to see what Marcus has in store for all us. Check out his guest post here at Empowered Online Entrepreneur soon!

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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

10 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Helping Us Out This June?

  1. Hi Elmar,

    What an awesome introduction, thank you. Between your kind words and those of Ilka, I found myself blushing!! Ha ha. I am grateful to you both.

    I wanted to say what great idea it is have an introduction like this to a guest blogger just prior to their post being published.

    Not only is it clever marketing but I’ve not seen anybody else do this so kudos to you again for coming up with something different.

    I realize I’m following two very competent and inspiring bloggers with my guest post here so I have big shoes to fill. It is an honor for me to join them as one of your guest bloggers – thank you.

    I look forward to seeing my post published here shortly and hope that everyone enjoys it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  2. An exciting announcement Elmar…

    I love Marcus’ blog, as you say he has a real knack for getting his readers to think about things in new or deeper ways. I’m looking forward to seeing how he adds to your blog here later in the month.

    Another question for you – I notice you’re tweeting a lot of links to your ezine articles. What’s your thinking behind sending traffic there rather than your blog? I’d love to know, I’ve been thinking about doing something similar…

    Wish you all the best for a fun and prodcutive June,

  3. Marcus Baker for guest posts would be so cool for this website. I remember you mentioning about the quality of guest posts in the other Content Ideas – on Vacation post.

  4. Hi Ilka,

    Of course! I am forever grateful to your kindness. 🙂

    As with Marcus, I’m so glad that for the past couple of months, our interaction has been quite regular and consistent and I’m really glad he accepted the invitation to offer something of himself to my site. I’m ecstatic!

    I can’t wait for it myself!

    Hope you had a great weekend, too!

    Take care,

  5. Hi Marcus,

    It would be nice to see you blush in person! hahaha

    I am really so honored to have you as my guest blogger for the month. I’ve always been titillated by your insights and I can’t wait for a piece of your great mind in my site soonest!

    You know what? I’ve never really thought of an introduction of a guest blogger as a clever marketing tool but now that you’ve mentioned it, I think this is a great idea that we could share with the rest of the bloggers out there! A great marketing tip. 🙂 Thanks for calling my attention on that. Didn’t know that I was the only one doing it.

    Looking forward to your guest post, Marcus! Thank you so much. 🙂

    Take care,

  6. Hi Jym,

    Great to see around you again! 🙂

    You are right, Marcus has a knack to get his readers to think about things in new or deeper ways (I couldn’t have said it any better).

    Yesterday I read the guest post he has written and again it is a very good piece of content!
    It’s about a common mistake a lot of people make online. He writes about it in such a way that he makes “see” what they probably do wrong…!

    I’ll post it tomorrow (Wednesday)!

    About your question about Twitter…., actually to be honest, I’m not pretty active on Twitter the latest time. So what I do is using this tool to send people over to articles, because this way I provide them a link to good content (at least that’s my intention). By doing this I respect them by not sending them to directly to a capture page (I hate that). When they like the article they can click through to my blog, and see more.

    I think it a good thing to do. What do you think?

    All the best,


  7. Hello Cheolsu,

    Yes, that’s correct, I’m very happy and honoured to welcome Marcus Baker as a guest blogger on Empowered Online Entrepreneurs!

    You can read his guest post tomorrow (Wednesday) and you’ll see that I did not exaggerate, his post is great!

    Talk soon,


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