guest blog postI am so thankful for Oliver Tausend for paving the way for Empowered Online Entrepreneur’s first guest blog post.

It was so warmly received and the support from Oliver’s loyal followers was overwhelming! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Oliver!

Now, the excitement is building anew as another guest blog post is in the offing! I am so ecstatic that it will be from one of our top blog commentators as well as one of Empowered Online Entrepreneurs greatest supporters – Ilka Flood of The Enlightened Networker!

Unabashedly, Ilka has been such a gracious colleague, generously giving of her time and support in my endeavors in the MLM business. To be included in her list of top blogs in the 2010 Blog Mastery Award was such an affirmation and I will be forever grateful. To quote myself:

An Enlightening Experience!


I recently received honour from Enlightened Networker’s Ilka Flood, an esteemed colleague in the online MLM industry, for deeming me worthy enough to earn a nomination in the Blog Mastery Award!

The Enlightened Networker
She actually branded my website, Empowered Online Entrepreneurs, as part of her top ten list of blogs that provide valuable content! More than the nomination, I am actually wholeheartedly touched by the significant honour to be touted as one of the best from someone whom I truly respect, admire, and likewise support in the bid for the same award!

Ilka Flood has been one of the most influential female figures in my field of work and I am so happy that we are in a mutual admiration society of online MLM networkers. In this society or community of like-minded individuals, we are helping out one another through a constant stream of support, providing encouraging words to one another and learning from each other.

Can You Just Imagine How Exhilarating

The Feeling Is To Be Admired By Someone

You Likewise Hold In High Esteem?

Cloud Nine!


I just learned that the name Ilka, in Hungarian and Greek, means “Light.” Truly, with Ilka’s guest blog post, I know that we will all be enlightened.

Thanks, Ilka, for saying yes to guest blogging! Looking forward to sharing your light with others.

The spotlight on Ilka Flood of The Enlightened Networker is on!
Do watch out for her guest blog post next!

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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

4 thoughts on “The Enlightened Networker Goes Empowered!

  1. I appreciate the fact that you are sharing your space with other bloggers but I also wish that other bloggers can let you in their space, too! You always have something valuable to offer the followers of other blogs as well.

  2. Dear Ilka,

    Thanks for this compliment, I truly appreciate your kind words!

    It is normal that I give you a great introduction, cause you deserve it!
    You are a great blogger and also a person who supported me from the early days of my blog. This means a lot to me!

    Personally I am honored by the fact that you accepted my invitation to write a guest blog for my humble blog, this also means a lot to me!
    I already saw you and your blog online long before my blog even existed…!

    Thanks for the wonderful cooperation, the support and your friendship!

    Take care,


  3. Hi Oliver,

    It was really my pleasure to ask Ilka as a guest blogger, I’m very glad she accepted, cause indeed, she always has enlightening insights to offer.

    Thanks for the compliments Oliver. Actually I’m very happy to be connected with great people like you and Ilka!
    I never thought this would be possible when I started my blog about a year ago, this is also a dream come true for me!

    Thanks for another great comment!

    Take care,


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