Creating Consistent Marketing Materials
A few days ago at the mall my friend was handed a flyer by this lady who sold real estate.

My friend doesn’t have plans of buying a house, but she read the flyer anyway and checked out the company’s website.
The houses looked nice and the prices were reasonable but being a marketer herself, she was turned off by the typographical errors she spotted on the flyer and wondered why the color schemes in the flyer and the site were different.

In marketing, image is everything.

This is why having consistent marketing materials is important. With a copywriter and a great graphic designer, it should be easy to do right? So why do we still see some inconsistent marketing messages in some marketing materials?

The importance of a consistent look and feel

Just how important is producing quality, consistent marketing materials? These materials are the “face” of the company, so it’s important that they not only look good and have flawless content – they also need to deliver consistent messages in order to be effective. We wouldn’t want to confuse prospects, customer and clients with inconsistent messages, slogans and even company colors, would we?

Marketing materials speak volumes about your brand, company and credibility. Might as well make it perfect. Here are some basic guidelines for creating consistent marketing materials:

  • Colors and Images.
    Materials should be designed from a consistent palate of colors and images. You would want to ensure you are sending a clear, consistent and compelling message, from your website, brochure and email newsletters to your print and billboard ads.
  • Perfect grammar, consistent terminology.
    Care about the words you use. Bad grammar has no place in a professional company. Consistent marketing materials require the use of consistent terms too. Content is king in your marketing materials, and this reveals a lot about the professionalism of your business.
  • Update, update, update.
    After spending the time and money on your marketing materials, you probably don’t want to do it again. Make it a habit to review your materials regularly to ensure your messages are still current and consistent. No matter how busy business gets, never, never forget to keep your materials updated.

With consistent marketing materials, you not only make a great impression – you also build your brand and draw potential customers in!

Have you spotted inconsistent marketing materials and messages lately? Share your tips or own experience by leaving a comment below. If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to bookmark it! Thanks!

To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

8 thoughts on “Creating Consistent Marketing Materials, 3 Basic Guidelines!

  1. Hi Elmar, It’s great you reminded everyone about the importance of having consistent marketing materials. I’ve seen a lot of errors in many sites, brochures and flyers and it’s really worth mentioning that we need to keep these materials recent and updated.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Indeed, building landing pages that convert is something a lot of people have no knowledge about.
    In essence it’s not that difficult, but you need to understand some basic rules.

    Thanks for your comment,


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