Online EtiquetteIn my previous post, I posted some questions about having good online etiquette.

Here are the suggestions given by the authors in the Reader’s Digest article and I injected some of my thoughts on it as well:


Is It Appropriate To Use Emoticons And Abbreviations In Official E-mail?

Well, it’s a yes and a no. Yes, if it’s sent to people within your close circle and no, if it’s not.

I am most likely to agree with this because official communication is formal. You are bringing forth a semblance of order or formality in your correspondence with your colleagues and you just want to stick to the business matter at hand and distracting it with some silly emoticons or abbreviations could really come off as quite childish. The only exception, of course, is familiarity or rapport with some of your colleagues and your use of these emoticons and abbreviations could be actually appreciated as some sign of friendship from you.

Is It Acceptable For The Boss To Send You A Text Message Late At Night?

No. Unless, it’s urgent, everything has to wait at the proper time.

I totally agree. Although in the case of email, I guess it really doesn’t matter what time we send it. As we are most of the time mobile and our work takes us to different time zones, we could get away with sending e-mail pretty much at anytime. The only expected good online etiquette that is expected of us is to sort through our emails on a regular basis so as not to miss out on any important messages or information.

What Should You Do When Your Boss Wants To Befriend You On Facebook?


You could, to maintain an amicable relationship with the boss but by doing so you could also open yourself to extreme discomfort for not being able to air out whatever it is you want to post in your wall because of fear of what your boss is going to say about it.

I could sense the dilemma of those who have a boss but since I don’t, I see nothing but a good way to connect to people in Facebook. I guess it all depends on you as a person as to where you really draw the line between personal and business and still maintain good online etiquette.

More questions to discuss in my next post!

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Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

8 thoughts on “So, Do You Have Good Online Etiquette?

  1. Thanks for this thought-provoking post. I have actually befriended my boss already but I am now having thoughts of deleting him from my friends’ list. I am just not comfortable airing out some thoughts in my wall anymore. I think I should really draw the line somewhere. This post of yours gave me some clarity.

  2. Hi Elmar,

    I think I probably responded to these in your last post but I enjoyed reading your responses too.

    I guess in the end the best advice is to go with one’s gut instinct as long as this has not been hijacked by a momentary lapse of madness. 🙂


  3. Interesting Subject to tackle Elmer!

    I tend to agree – emails are OK anytime, emoticons vary depending on the relationship you have 🙂

    Should the boss send late night text messages? I don’t know, I don’t have one… I guess where I have been a boss I’d not want to disturb employees at home very late, that feels kind of wrong unless it’s been discussed for some reason previously…

    This is one of the interesting things about social media and mobile phones – we are all accessible (more or less) all the time – having ‘quiet time’ or putting our work down can be very difficult. It’s even more strange for those of us who work across many time zones!

    Thanks for this thoughtful approach to online etiquette!

  4. Hi,

    Well, you have to be careful when you befriend a boss in social networking sites. If you say something bad about your company or your boss it could be very dangerous. Remember the story of Heather Armstrong which led to coining of the new word “Dooced?” She was fired from her job because of what she wrote in her website. If you add up a boss in your friends’ lists, just better be cautious with what you’re saying :).

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Take care,

  5. Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for the kind words 🙂 ! I really appreciate you doing this follow-up response to this follow-up article. Yup, you nailed the answers in your previous post. Caution should be our mantra when dealing with the dos and donts in online etiquette.

    Take care,

  6. Hi Ilka,

    Like I mentioned, you are really one good-mannered lady! hahaha Your good manners and right conduct have just been validated!

    Always glad to hear from you 🙂 !

    Take care,

  7. Thanks Jym, I agree with you, just because technology allows us to do something, it doesn’t always mean that we can abuse it. We should also learn how to respect the privacy of other people. Glad you stopped by and shared your insights with us :).

    Take care,

  8. Very true. Some people have this mistaken notion that good manners and right conduct is virtually non-existent in the online world because you could get away with being faceless. What they’re missing is that online etiquette is crucial in making meaningful relationships online that could eventually do you good in the real world.

    Thanks for sharing your insights Kirsty!

    Take care,

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