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good etiquette in the digital era or simply good online etiquette,  here is my two cents worth of opinion on the following :


Should Employees Be Using Their Mobile Phones During A Meeting?

No. Clearly, this is a sign of disrespect.

There is a proper place and time for everything, more so in the office set-up where meetings call for all employees’ 100% attention. If your mind is elsewhere, what’s the point of the meeting?


Can I Send A Text Message Just Before Meeting Someone To Say That I Will Be Late?

No. Late means late.

It’s totally uncalled for and leaves a bad taste in the mouth when you do this. I have since learned that punctuality is respect for other people’s time. You really have to show up when it’s time to show up, no matter what. That’s the only way you could gain respect from them as well.


Should Facebook or Twitter Be A Place To (a) Start An Argument Or (b) Declare Your Love?

No, but it depends.

We have to admit that Facebook and Twitter are becoming public tools of self-expression. We can pretty much say what we want to say. In the same vein that we have the right to say what we want to, these people have also the same rights. So, at most, we should all temper our emotions when replying and observe courtesy and respect.

As to declaring one’s love on Facebook and Twitter, well,good online etiquette dictates that some things are better kept private especially sweet nothings that are probably just best heard when whispered to your loved one’s ears.


Can I Update My Facebook Page Or Twitter Feeds Or Reply To An SMS Or E-mail, When I Am Out With Friends?

No, spend quality time with your friends.

This is really the irony of things that are happening in the social media scenario right now. Isn’t it sad that we actually do Facebook and Twitter to connect to friends and yet when we are actually out with them in the real world we still end up glued to our gadgets? What’s up with that? Totally not good etiquette in the digital era. When you are out with your friends, be with them in body, mind, soul, and spirit. Pay attention. Enjoy the moment. Be present. Connect.

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Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

6 thoughts on “Still On Good Manners in the Digital Era

  1. Oh, yes, in most cases, some people can become so violent when negative comments come their way via their Facebook wall. I mean, there are really differing opinions and you can’t really tell them what not to say. Just don’t start it.

  2. Hi James,

    You are right, each one has their own opinion and it really is important that we respect the views of other people to avoid conflict :).
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Take care,

  3. Hi Elmar,
    Great Post on the Good Manners. Yes in the digital era they are getting lost somewhere. We should only use digital products when absolutely necessary. We should focus more on human relationships as they will take us much further.

  4. Hi Ilka,

    Indeed, it really is annoying when you have to wait for hours.

    Although certain cultures do place high importance on punctuality, it’s still a personal choice on how we value it :). People should learn to change their perspective and learn how to be more considerate to others by being on time.

    Thanks for the kudos!

    Take care,

  5. Hi Lali,

    Indeed, manners are really important when dealing in the online world. Technology is meant to connect us with other people and not do the opposite. Thanks for dropping by!

    Take care,

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