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Can you still remember the days where web browsing was so much a of a one-way street?

This is obviously not the case anymore.

The current web version, Web 2.0 allows us to interact constantly with other people online.

That’s why I often spend time hanging out in social networking sites, to get myself to meet some new and interesting people and maybe acquire some new friends whom I share some common interests.

I also seem to notice that these social networking sites are loaded with product ads. When I was asking my online friends about them, they said that they do check those ads out and maybe even for a couple of times have purchased some stuff they liked.

At first, I thought “Oh, this is just a nice way to market a product”, but eventually I’ve learned that social sites are NOT about marketing. Those social media sites are really about something completely different. If those sites are not about marketing, what are they about?

Below you find what the secrets of social media marketing are, how you should use them and why they are certainly worth your time :

  • Social media sites allow you to communicate constantly with interesting people. Social media sites have this uncanny ability to pull in people from all over the world, from any age bracket and from any background. This way, you can even talk to high-level people or celebrities (cause there is no gatekeeper) without having to feel awkward about it. This may be the best among the secrets of social media marketing.
  • You can get to know people better. Social media sites often tend to bring out the real side of people, through their blogs and personality profiles. You can even check out the mood of the person you want to talk to because they post it!
  • You can make a bunch of friends. Social media sites give you the rare opportunity to approach and talk with others sans the stutter and freezing up. With this, you can easily get to know people and make friends with them.
  • Create a Network for your interest (a tribe). With a collection of similar minded people at your fingertips, you can create for yourself a clique that you can tap for information that you might have to pay for in other situation.
  • Have fun. It is always easy to have a laugh with people you get along with. Having similar interests and mindset allows you to drop off your inhibitions for a while and just have fun.

With all these secrets of social media marketing, any person who would like to start up a business and doesn’t know how to measure it up if it will click, joining these social media sites will certainly get you in the “know”.

Just be sure to not abuse the concept, don’t ever spam other people’s accounts with links to your sales pages, or you might end up being a pariah in the circle you’re trying to get in. This is one of the MAJOR secrets of social media marketing.

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To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck

Elmar Sandyck

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