Facebook For Marketing

Facebook is king.

That’s right!

With Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s declaration that the social networking giant aims to reach 1 billion users , you know where you need to be if you’re a marketer: positioning yourself in front of Facebook’s worldwide users. Facebook For Marketing is definitely in!

Having reached the 500 million user mark, the young founder had this to say about hitting 1 billion users: “it is almost a guarantee that it will happen”. Needless to say, with Facebook’s global dominance almost complete, you know you need to be riding in its wave of success.

Considering Facebook’s traffic and increasing number of users, Facebook definitely stands out as one hell of a marketing opportunity!

Facebook for marketing

CEOs, marketers, salespersons and bloggers alike talk about “tightening their belts” as a way to signify cutting back on essentials. But one area you surely don’t want to cut back on is marketing.

Facebook For Marketing

But with a free tool such as Facebook that’s seen to be the next internet superpower in the next few months, your marketing efforts and budget don’t need to suffer or go to waste! When you are in front of millions of users, you’re bound to reach a huge chunk of your target market! This is why it’s important to tap Facebook for marketing.

Why? Because that’s where they hang out.

Earlier I wrote about Facebook vs. Google and how marketers should pay attention to the former . If you missed it, you can read it here.

Facebook is huge, and it’s just getting better. It’s poised for domination, and we have to be there when it happens. If you’re already marketing on Facebook now, well good for you!

As for the rest of you who are just starting out, take advantage of the power and dominance of this social networking giant.

Don’t wait any longer and learn now how to market on Facebook

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It’s bound to give you HUGE, positive results.

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Elmar Sandyck

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