Facebook-pageI am on Facebook and I am guessing so are you.

Facebook is the rage in social networking and I surmise we are probably connected already, one way or another. (Just in case we’re not, feel free to connect with me on Facebook!)

But, an interesting question came to mind while I was browsing through a lot of Facebook users lately – I realized that most businesses, even the big guns, have Facebook pages and they have an army of marketing activities already happening!

There are contests, promotions, games, freebies being given away, that entice their consumers directly and you wonder how much time and effort they really put up in maintaining their Facebook pages. If you go to their company or corporate websites, they have Facebook badges, Facebook fan pages, and links to their Facebook accounts. These companies live and breathe Facebook!


Wasn’t it just yesterday when almost all businesses were just promoting their www site? Now, on top of their website, they have to promote their Facebook page as well as their Twitter page! (I’m also on Twitter, by the way, so please follow me!)

If we are seeing a trending in big companies making its presence felt on Facebook and actively reaching their target consumers in this space in the worldwide web,

Where Does that Leave their Corporate Websites Now?


The issue here is that if they’re pretty much on their Facebook page, are they still doing something interesting and exciting in their own websites to engage their consumers into visiting it? Or, have corporate websites remained static and unattractive and instead of being a go-to website, it now merely acts as a landing page or a brochure page or a reference page for their Facebook page?

I don’t know if these companies are wary about the dangers of doing frequent “Facebooking,” if I may call it, and neglecting their corporate website. They have to remember that Facebook is a billion-dollar industry of Mark Zuckerberg and they are just users themselves. Their corporate websites, on the other hand, are their own address in the worldwide web. It’s their corner in the Internet.

What I’m saying is: having a Facebook page is not bad per se. But, throwing caution to the wind, Facebook should just be complementary to the corporate website and not replace it.

So, hearken, dear businesses

Do Love Your Websites As Much As You Love Your Facebook Pages


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Elmar Sandyck

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