Google Social SearchEveryone wants to see their site or blog post on top of Google’s search results.

So it’s no surprise when I was immediately drawn to Katie Freiling’s recent post, “A 2 Minute Strategy To Get Your Content To The Top of Google… Fast!”.

If you haven’t heard about Google’s Social Search yet, Katie’s short post and brief training tutorial will make you go, “wow, I want that too!”.

Katie Freiling — social media, blogging, and personal development coach in the online home business industry, takes on a no nonsense approach to online marketing and posts great, short and snappy quality content. This is why we like her. You always want to take her advice!

So what is Google Social Search anyway?
Google Social Search, as defined by Google, is a “feature designed to help you discover relevant content from your social circle, a set of online friends and contacts.”
It’s a brilliant idea.

Because it’s a personalized search experience, you will most likely find it easy to relate to the results you get from the targeted search.

So who are the people in your so-called social circle?

Your social circle simply refers to the people in your contacts list found in:

  • Your Gmail (or Google Talk) chat list
  • Your Google Contacts – Friends, Family, and Coworkers
  • Your Twitter and Friend Feed friends that appear on your Google profile or in
    your public Google Buzz stream
  • Your Google Reader and Google Buzz list

Your Google social circle will also include connections of those in your immediate, public social circle.

How does it work?
Simply go to and set up your social profile. Katie tells us to fill out all or most of the fields, and that you need to be signed in to your Google account to use social search. Once you’re done, try doing a simple query on any topic you like. You just might find the content you’ve been looking for at the bottom of the search results! Pretty neat, huh?

Benefit from highly targeted, relevant searches and get great exposure with the use of Google Social Search today.

If you love learning about the ways Google is making searches, connections, marketing and lead generation easier and faster, stay tuned for more posts like this. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and if you know others who still have not discovered this amazing tool, don’t forget to share this with them! Thank you!

To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

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