Is Your Blog Hot?
Get ahead of the pack and get more hits with
effective blog writing

You spend all day (or all night), hunched over your keyboard, typing away at your blog’s next masterpiece.

Finally, when you’re convinced it’s perfect, you click “Publish”, and then you wait. You wait for a reaction, or even a sale!
Of course, the purpose of your blog is to get people to read and react, and if you have a product or service to sell, you want to get them to buy.
Internet marketers will tell you that you need a great design and effective blog writing to be successful, but we know that’s easier said than done.

So how do you make your blog hot enough to be visited frequently, commented on sincerely and recommended to other people?


Hot content


Here’s the thing about effective blog writing:  it can make or unmake your blog and even your reputation. You need to imagine an outcome, and trust to your writing skill to get your visitors and readers there. Like any effective advertisement, an effective blog post leads the reader to take action. To attract visitors in, keep them reading and convince them to take action:


  • Draw them in with a catchy title and a great introduction.
    The power of a great title should not be underestimated. A compelling headline is essential because a post that doesn’t get read in the first place is obviously not an effective post!
  • Make your posts very easy to read.
    Putting your key points or in boldface, and using bullets and subtitles can attract repeat viewers who have limited time and want to get the point as fast as possible.
  • Link like crazy and never forget your call to action.
    Effective blog writing always involves the use of relevant internal and external links. If a blog owner notices that you are linking to his content, he might try to link back to you too. Finally, tell readers what you want them to do at the end of your post – after all, you are blogging with a purpose!

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Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

8 thoughts on “Is Your Blog Hot?

  1. Excellent tips! I think the most important is creating catchy titles since that’s what draws people in. A well-written blog post is useless if you can’t get people to read them.

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