SEOHow are your SEO efforts so far?

There are so many resources that teach us how to do our own search engine optimization. I’ve seen many SEO training modules that are specifically designed to help non-technical people, but of course we all know that others prefer to pay hundreds – even thousands to hire a professional.

So the question is, why pay an expert when you can do it yourself for free? The answer would depend on particular circumstances, of course. I’ve listed down some questions to help you decide if it’s okay to do it on your own – or leave it to the experts to optimize your site:

  1. Do you have the time to do SEO on your own?
    Everyone’s racing to the top of Google, and we all know that getting there may require months of tedious effort. So the question is — is this really the best way to invest your time? Or would you rather have someone do it so you can do other things?
  2. How quickly do you want to get to the first page of Google?
    Okay, so maybe not instantly on the first page, but if you’re a newbie, a professional can almost certainly get you to the top of Google faster than you. Consider the study time and possibly plenty of trial and error to deal with. A pro, on the other hand, doesn’t need to study. He already knows what to do.
  3. Can you afford to lose time to undo mistakes?
    The trouble with trying things out yourself is, if you make a mistake that results in Google punishing your site, it can take several months to undo it!
  4. Is getting on top of Google truly a profitable investment for your type of business?
    Sometimes, SEO isn’t the only or best way to do it. Be open to the possibility that being on top of Google won’t help you achieve your business objectives. An expert will tell you and recommend alternatives.
  5. Are there problems with your site that hold it back in Google?
    Here’s what I’ve discovered during all these years of doing internet marketing: many web designers have incorrect ideas about what makes a site truly SEO friendly. Sometimes they do more harm than good!

Here’s what I think: if you’re earning well, then you’re almost certainly better off paying a professional to do SEO for you. With someone handling this aspect of your business, you can direct your energies toward more profitable activity.

This is just my opinion of course. If you have the time and if you love experimenting, then maybe you can give those SEO training modules a shot. This could save you months of effort!

To Your Success,

Elmar Sandyck
Elmar Sandyck

5 thoughts on “Do You Need An SEO Expert? 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. Hi Elmar,

    Interesting post you have here. Well, for someone like me who doesn’t have any budget then I say I’d rather learn it myself =). Although it would really take up a lot of time and effort on my end, the satisfaction of learning something new and the added knowledge I gain along the way is simply worth it! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Absolutely agree wit you. It comes down to the point again…When one has a tooth ache you wouldn’t just do it yourself, ask a relative or friend to pull your tooth. Website/internet marketing should be done by the Pro too.

  3. As a small business competing for a place in the market in your chosen niche can be a hard task depending in the competition your up against this does not change whether its on or off line, however we can make it a little easier on-line with the correct research and a well optimised web site in respect of SEO can make all the difference

  4. Hi Steve,

    That’s correct, a good SEO optimized website can make all the difference.
    Once you understand the basic SEO rules it’s a lot of fun to do.


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